The Story So Far

A chronological collection of the most relevant posts and events in the journey to where I am currently. The newest posts are at the bottom of the page.

Last update: January 1, 2016

Hiking With Loki – In which Loki gave my wyrd a little push. Also note: I’m not blue-red colorblind, I’m red-green colorblind(though not so badly that I can’t still tell that it’s red and green that I’m looking at). The more you know.

A Turn for the Weird – The first post wherein I opened myself up a little, and started posting things that weren’t Tarot, or Hermit’s Logs. Basically, the Hermit came out of the shell.

Big Rambly Post on Heathenry and Race – Self-explanatory. Probably the last post in which I call myself a heathen. I also have since changed my viewpoints quite a bit on the origins of deities, but my view on patronage still stands.

If You Think Your Gods Don’t Care – In which Odin makes his presence solidly known, and I stop doubting myself a little more.

Glimpses of Jotunnheim – In which Loki took me hiking again and I met more of his family. And I went dream-berserk for the first time. I’ve since learned why the trip was necessary.

Odin Being Demanding and Other Current Events – In which a lot of wyrd hit all at once, and I explained what being a berserker is in the most basic terms possible.

My Origin Story According to Hyndla – In which a lot of pieces fell into place, others got mixed up in translation(like the thing about the Ljossalfar and about my mother Over There, the story is slightly different, in actuality), and I started taking my own wyrd seriously.

Berserk and Work – In which I explain being a berserker in more detail. Also, the first mention of my ergi-ness.

A Weird Day in Vanaheim – Which I’m not going to link to because it ended up being mostly irrelevant. The main points here were that Frey came out and called himself my patron, and I learned my Eshnesk name.

Aright, WTF – In which Val came back, gave me a bit of misinformation, Odin did some creepy shit, and I(and everyone else in the neighborhood) was very confused for a little while…

Oh. – …Until we all read the news, and suddenly everything slammed into place.

Wisdom From My Mentor – In which Val gave a crash course in wyrd, ripples, and metaphorical marching bands.

Pollution (aka, Why I Need to Remember my Shield) – In which I learned the value of proper Shielding. The hard way. (I was only sick for a day afterwards, by the way. Being a berserker has it’s benefits!) I’ve since re-adjusted my Oakenshield, and learned how to make armor for myself and keep it there in case of emergencies.

The day after this post, I went through an Ordeal, presided over by Val, who is actually more than qualified(he’s been through five that he can prove, probably more that he can’t, at least not by looking at him). I confronted the guy who caused me a lot of trust, confidence, and other issues in high school forward, and he’s now Out of My Life officially. I reclaimed a lot of my own Power that day, as terrified as I was of bringing the topic up at all, let alone in front of both him and my closest friends. I didn’t post about it because of reasons, but since it’s important to my personal progress, I figured I should probably mention it somewhere. This was the day that the training wheels came off. Shit Gets Real from here on out.

Call of the Hunt – In which the dark season began, and with it, All The Things.

On the “Disney Ride” – In which Val and Frey both told me that I had the training wheels on, and that they were now off. This is also why I didn’t link to the day in Vanaheim earlier.

Weirdness – In which I had a really weird week, did a big spell or two, and realized that Shit was Getting Real. And admitted shyly that I kinda have A Thing for Frey. Also, raccoons happened.

I Had an Angry – In which I posted art that I managed to make in the middle of a gangr.

Explaining the Berserkergangr – In which I explain why the previous post is such a big deal, and how being a berserker works. Yeah, neuroscience!

Beginning to Hate Wunjo – In which Someone dropped a big heaping load of Explanation on my head, and I flailed about in exasperation and disbelief.

Fathers and Sons – In which I made a thing for Thor, and and get nervous about sharing so much UPG with the world.

On the Difficulties of Remembering – In which I dropped UPG all over the place regarding who I’ve been and why people should be cautious around past lives.

Fenrir is His Father’s Son – In which I had a sympathetic laugh at a friend’s expense, and Fen borrowed Dad’s hammer.

Givesthanking and My Thing With Food – In which my unfortunate eating habits(or lack thereof) are explained and Freya decided to help.

Intriguing Graffiti and Isa In which I found several Odins and an icy patch.

New Year with the Wildwood – In which I looked behind and ahead.