On the “Disney Ride”

Hello, my friends!

Public service announcement: If Someone puts you on what many people like to call, “the Disney Ride,” don’t feel bad.

The “Disney Ride” is basically an idealized simulation of what Someplace is like, without actually being there. Sometimes it’s created by Someone trying to keep a person out of trouble, among other reasons, sometimes it’s created by the person’s own mind for whatever reason. Most of the time, people who are on “the ride” don’t realize it, at least in my experience, and especially if they’ve never been to That Place before.

I’ve been Told, in no uncertain terms, that the first time I went back to Vanaheim, I was actually on the Disney Ride. It was Frey’s fault, but he did it for good reason. I didn’t remember or know enough about it to be anywhere near respectful, and I was asking questions that I shouldn’t have been asking. I’m not actually mad about this. In hindsight I was being a nosy brat and probably shouldn’t have been poking around in the first place. I’ve been back a few times since, and I know I wasn’t on the ride then, which was why I asked. The first time back after my little dream, I was actually summoned there, and wasn’t allowed to make record of what happened. People seemed a bit…colder. Harsher, perhaps. Less willing to deal with anything off-putting I said or did. I know why they are all a little skeptical of me, and have been since the beginning, which is also part of the reason why Frey didn’t allow me into Actual Vanaheim until the relevant parties could have a chat at my expense, and I’d learned a little bit more about the history of the realm. Which was why I now know why almost everyone looks at me funny Over There, and also why Val told me the wrong tribe(though, not entirely) when he came back after however long. He didn’t trust me either.

So, some of the stuff I learned in that dream was correct, and some of it was actually bullshit. My Name was correct (though They tend to call me whatever they want; for instance, Odin still calls me Arnbjorn even though I haven’t been that-me in a thousand years or thereabouts), Frey naming himself as my patron was correct(and he had a bit of A Moment when I asked him if that was bollocks as well), and I think the part about me being Salmon tribe was correct.. The jury is still out on whether or not I was actually in two tribes, I sorta doubt it, but the rest was utter crap. I would go into all the reasons, but if you read it and know anything about Vanaheim, and how people get around Vanaheim, you’ll recognize how much of it is just… ridiculous. Like I said though, I ain’t even mad! I find it kinda funny, actually, that I could have gotten the place so wrong and not realized it until later.

However, as far as I’ve asked and been able to tell, that is the only time I’ve been on the ride, thus far, except for when I was younger and trying to stick my nose in where it didn’t need to be. So my meeting with Hyndla actually happened, though some of the stuff she said probably got lost or skewed in translation. Loki taking me hiking around Other-Midgard and Jotunnheim actually happened. A slew of other experiences that I haven’t written down for propriety’s sake actually happened. Which is rather a gratifying thing, since I’ve gotten to that point again in life where I’m going, “okay, weirdshit is weird. Am I going crazy?” and getting definitive “no’s” from the powers that be. Which, to be honest, is terrifying.

Moral of the story, don’t feel bad if you get sent to dream land while trying to get Somewhere. It’s usually for a very good reason.

Also, don’t try to walk into Vanaheim with anything Odin gave you. Including tattoos. Especially tattoos. Unless you’ve been invited for some reason.