Art Post: Hyndla

Hyndla by EjLowell

Hello again! This has been a long time coming.

A piece I’ve been meaning to do for a long time but finally had the oomph to complete for reasons. (I owed her a favor.) Another experiment in lineless art, much gloomier than the other one I did.

Hyndla is rather an obscure figure in the Eddas. She shows up in one short story and reads Ottar’s ancestry, before disappearing again. She’s a jotunn, albeit small and a bit fragile. She walks with a walking stick and has a pack of hounds and wolves at her call. Hyndla is a witch to some, a goddess to others; a goddess of bloodlines, curses, past-life exploration, and genetic weirdness of all kinds. She tends to be a bit grumpy and cold to outsiders, but can be warm and even motherly to those in her good graces.

She’s also my “matron,” though I kinda dislike the word. I haven’t found a better one yet. From my understanding of her she might as well be Frey’s opposite, which makes the fact that she’s the only goddess so far to claim me as one of her own rather amusing to me. I can see myself being something like her if I live past sixty. I already have to use a cane in the winter, sometimes.

Again, I’ll make an update post or a video at some point. Things have been wonky and I need to figure out how I want to say things.

See you soon, probably

Of Freyja and the Fallibility of Perception

Hello, friends! This one could also have been titled, “How I failed a perception check on a goddess,” but I’m not sure how many people read my blog and also play RPGs.

So, Freyja, I’ve met Her once. At least, I think it was Her. I say this because I was calling on that name, and She’s what appeared in mind’s eye. However, everyone I’ve ever heard talk about Freyja says that she’s a tall, blonde, classic viking kind of woman. Well, this Freyja looked something more like this:

“Harsh” by dA username ‘vampire-zombie’

Perhaps slightly darker, both of complexion and of hair, but the eyes were roughly the same. She looked slightly older than the woman in this picture, but I’m not entirely sure by how much. And She was more stern looking.

I suppose it could have been Freyja, which would mean She, like some other goddesses – Aphrodite for instance – appears how the seer wants them to appear. Since I have a thing for the classic “tall, dark and handsome,” that could explain why I see Her that way, but Frey appears to me as pale-skinned and dirty-blonde, which makes things weird there. She could have been a Valkyrie, someone associated with Freyja but isn’t Her, but then, why would She have been able to walk me through some serious spooky-foo? Which is the other reason I thought this was Freyja; She was the one who introduced the practice of seidhr to the Aesir, and would be perfectly capable of teaching it to someone who’s been learning (sorta) from Odin for a few months. Then again, it could be that She really did appear to me as blonde but then I thought Her hair was darker because it was a dark and stormy night. I’m still not quite sure.

So… I’m confused. Was it Freyja? Was it some other spirit? Was it some other goddess? Angrboda(which might arguably make since because I deal with Loki and His family all the time, and She’s got some spooky-foo up Her sleeves too) maybe? I’ve only ever interacted with Freyja/whoever this was the one time, so I don’t really have any more information to go on. I have asked who She is, but neither She nor Frey answer when I do. Loki just grins, as He always does when I’m asking stupid questions.

With that bit of confusion, I bid you all adieu for now. Have a good one!