Storm Water, Anyone?

So we had a bit weather yesterday!

And by that I mean most of my county got flooded and/or hailed on by a rather powerful thunderstorm. It rained, hailed, and thundered like the dickens out here and I managed to fill a 20 oz. bottle with storm water and hail. In five minutes. Everything’s fine today but yesterday the park was flooded to the point where my sister and I spotted a duck swimming across what would normally be a sidewalk.

I’m about to leave the bottle – it’s glass, btw, dunno if that matters to anyone reading – out in my window for a few days so it can get a full charge of moon and sunlight, provided the clouds scoot a little. Obviously I’m also going to filter the absolute hell out of it and possibly boil it for safety before I actually use it for anything. Or at least anything regarding contact with my own skin or tools (e.g. charged baths or charged paint water… actually that last one isn’t a half-bad idea).

Which is my problem, actually. I don’t have much of a clue what I’m going to use it for, yet, since I’ve never had this much storm water in the same place before – I live in a normally arid part of Colorado – but I’m excited to have it regardless. I’ve also not really been one for ritual spellcasting and potion-making in the past, since I prefer on-the-fly practical shtuff, but I’m feeling a rather strong urge to work some “get off my lawn” type spellcraft toward a certain individual who keeps gumming up the works in terms of scheduling lately. I’m thinking storm water will be a good thing to use for a bit of zap. Hell, with how much it flooded I wonder if I could built a proverbial moat.

Anyway. Do ya’ll use storm water in your practices? If so, what for? (I might steal a few ideas while my brain is percolating.)

May 8 2017 (1)
Behold! The desert is now a swamp.

My Thoughts on “Arbitrary” Time Markers


So, I saw a post the other day, can’t remember who or what or where, but the gist of it was someone lamenting the fact that people are excited for 2016 to be over because, to the original poster, the New Year is just some arbitrary time marker in a vast and uncaring universe that exists in a perpetual state of chaos.

Being the hermit that I am, that thought has been clanging around the inside of my head for a few days, and a bit of light just shone on it while watching a tarot reading. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really, really don’t believe in arbitrary time markers. That is, I don’t believe that they are arbitrary.

Let me explain.

While they may have been a bit bizarre and new to begin with, time markers like the turning of the year or the end of a school season are, I think, just as powerful as other, “natural” time markers like moon phases or the changing of the seasons. The difference is that one is man-made, which doesn’t make it any less special or any less meaningful. The new calendar year is observed by so many people around the world that it makes no sense to me for it not to contain some significance. Just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it isn’t magical. I feel like that bears repeating.

Just because it’s familiar, doesn’t mean it isn’t magical.

It’s just like the way languages and incantations work. The words themselves are man-made, the meanings applied by people like you and me, and we use them every single day. The only difference between a poem and an incantation is the intent behind it. If one walks into the new year feeling like it’s the same old thing once again, how much change do you think they’ll attract? As opposed to someone who sees the new year as a time to start fresh, and do so in accordance with consensus reality. Pardon my french, but this shit is powerful!

I don’t know about you, but I am good and ready to start making some magic happen in the new year. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not worth it. If it works, use it.

Lykke til.

Personified Emotions, Automatic Writing, and an Application Thereof

This one’s a doozie, if a bit of a ramble. Good thing about making videos first thing in the morning is that I don’t talk nearly as fast, bad thing is that I can’t concentrate for the life of me. So if there are a lot of jump-cuts, that’s why.

I think emotional personification is the coolest thing ever! Your results may vary. There are probably SO many potential uses of this idea that I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around.

Mentioned in this video:
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See you when I see you!

A Little Poem

Magic is a word I know intimately.
It resounds and dances off canyon walls
and whispers in trees and over fields
and sighs on your lips and fills your throat.

You, my dear, are made of magic,
and magic is a thing I know in my soul.
It fills my words to the aching brim,
till I can speak and write no more.

A little poem for Someone.
~ Erik Stormgaldr, 2016


Hello, friends. This is going to be a particularly weird and slightly personal post, so bear with me.

My dear, sweet, voluptuous marmot buns, has it ever been a weird one. I’m not usually in the habit of posting twice a week(as far as I’ve noticed anyway), mostly because not much usually happens within that tiny time frame for me to post about. But the Powers have had me on a wee bit of a wild ride the past few days.

It started at the equinox. I won’t go into that as much; the ritual I did is one I’d rather not talk about because it was rather experimental(and I now have actual ritual garb, albeit unexpectedly so). Then the call to the Hunt, and my subsequent first couple of tasks. Then Val and Frey teamed up and taught me how to seethe properly(and holy BEANS was that a weird night) which actually wasn’t as funky and different as I expected it to be, if only because I’ve learned how to go into the gangr, which is a very similar state but on a physical level. Val said I’m doing things a little bit bass-ackwards that way. It worked, though. Freya tried to teach me once, but she and I don’t mix, for some reason.

The day of the eclipse was extra-weird, though. For the first half of the day I wrote my post about the Disney Ride and then spent it feeling kinda slow. Then I had this stupendous urge to go outside, so I grabbed my shoes and went for a walk up to a pond near my house and in the middle of a park. There was nobody outside. There was no wind, either. It was weird. I’ve never seen the park so deserted, especially in the middle of the afternoon, on a Sunday, with such incredible weather. But, walk I did, and went to stand at the highest point of the path around the pond, which ended me up facing due-West, to where a cloud bank was gathering in the distance. I did a little weather work, which isn’t something unusual for me(I’ve got storms in my blood, I tell you), asking the clouds politely if they’d bow out of the way of the moon when it came up and started eclipsing. They agreed, and ended up giving us a wonderful red sunset before vanishing northward, and then coming back the next day to drizzle all over everything.

However, while walking back home from the working, even though I’d grounded and shielded myself properly(for once), I started feeling more and more… Other, I suppose. At one point I looked down at my hands to see them fairly glowing in the sunlight(yeah, I’m pretty white, but this wasn’t your average sun-reflection glowiness going on) and heard Frey laugh, saying, “Careful, Erik, your Vanic is showing.” I didn’t run into anyone else on the way back, even though there were a couple of people at the park again. Usually, walking does a lot to ground and center me, but for some reason I still had that weird shit going on. So, when I walked back into my room and got my shoes off, I grabbed my staff to see if it would ground me a little better. The staff is made from the root of a fallen ash tree that kept yelling at me some time ago, and it is usually really good at grounding. This time though, I picked it up, but felt even weirder. I sat down, pressed my forehead against the staff, letting it support me a little, and then felt myself grounding into the core of the freaking earth.

Now, this has happened to me before. I used to work with really deep magic that runs slow and steady through the deepest rocks, as a way to actually get things done, but I’ve never felt myself touch the heart of our planet before. I got pulled out of myself a little, and the roots that were glowing in the earth became the roots of Yggdrasil, and then the branches exploded up and out of my back, like wings, to touch the sky and the sun, and everything beyond. And from my heart, I gave a little prayer that the Tree be healed, and saw the trunk start glowing a warm, deep gold, and the glow spread up the trunk and into the branches, and down into the roots, into Helheim, into the core of the earth. And I saw the earth become a ball of softly radiating peace, as it rotated through space, and felt Hope, and gave that to the Tree, too. I watched new sprouts spring from the woody trunk, green and gold, reaching into the darkness, reaching for other worlds. And I watched more roots spiraling outward, pressing deeper into the darkness. I felt the pulse of the Tree, and of the earth, and sat with it for a little while, before my concentration and focus started to wain, and Frey guided me back, holding me, talking to me. I felt Love, and gave that to the Tree as well, as I started feeling myself again.

After what felt like an hour, I finally moved a little, shifting the staff to rest against my shoulder. I still felt the weird tree-wings in my back, but they faded slowly as I sat there with Frey. After a little while, I felt the glow fading too, and felt the heaviness of my body, the realness of it. Frey was smoothing my hair back, but his touch and even presence became distant, like I was feeling through a heavy blanket again. Normalcy happened slowly, but when I finally opened my eyes again, I heard Val laughing, a bit nervously. I asked him what he was laughing at and he just said, “Wow.” Frey let me go, then, and I stood up, feeling surprisingly… normal. Still a little wonky, but it was fading as I reminded myself of my grounding, and the several layers of warding around my room and house. Went to get something to eat, and some coffee, and I was feeling fine within about five minutes.

Yesterday, I was so tired. I spent half the day kinda zoned out in bed, half-sleeping, thinking about what happened. I called Bran, we talked for about an hour before I realized it was about dinner time. I spent the evening watching HGTV with my mom, laughing at one of the cats being absolutely ridiculous, until I heard a little scraping noise on the metal bird feeder outside, and looked over to see my other cat(we have three, actually) staring out the window and making a big-tail. I got up, looked out the window, and a little masked face popped up from behind the feeder like, “OHAI! I wasn’t doing anything!” I started laughing and told my mum it was a raccoon. It ducked back down behind the fence, though, so I went to the kitchen, turned the light on the back porch on, and there, in the yard, playing around merrily, was a family of Four or five, including a big fluffy one that was bouncing around like a squirrel, trying to catch a bug. After a moment of freaking out, my mother and I both realized that no, they weren’t rabid, just having fun, and decided they were actually kinda cute, from a distance.

Now, I knew there were raccoons in the neighborhood. I caught a glimpse of one once walking home from work back in July, and I watched one come scooting awkwardly along the fence one morning in August. I’ve never seen one that up close before, and never more than one. So, being the curious sort that I am, I looked up raccoon symbolism and found that they have a connection to, among other things, trees. I was actually kinda stunned. I asked Val about it, and he said, “I dunno, I’m not a raccoon. But maybe they were here to thank you. Or play in the energy. Something like that.” He’s often right(old fart knows much more than he lets on).

So, that was my week. It’s been long, and weird, and full of wyrdshit. This whole week I’ve been reminded of something I read in one of Sebastian’s books, “the more you work with Other, the more it Others you.” I started out being different. Now, I’m not only growing more Other, I’m growing more myself. Which is, I think, a good thing.

“Healing the Tree”

Wisdom From My Mentor

Hello friends!

So, Val(you remember him, right?) gave me a wee crash course in galdr and speech-craft earlier—since that’s something I’ve always wanted to know how to do, and he was bored—and I ended up singing parts of a bunch of Wardruna songs, since some of them have rune names in them and I know the lyrics off the top of my head. We practiced galdr a little bit, I really got the hang of it on one particular song, and he told me to go take a break, do laundry, get lunch, etc.

While I was making lunch I heard this little whisper of the song in the back of my mind and went, “what the crap now it’s stuck in my head.” Val came back with, “actually, you’re hearing your own echo.” Now, I’m still a little new to everything, so I didn’t know that was possible. I asked him if I could hear other people’s echoes as well, and he said this:

“Not really, no. That’s the thing about working with wyrd, it’s like tossing pebbles into a lake, in a way. If someone like, say, Beth, decided to throw a boulder in, you might be able to pick out a few ripples, but they’d blend in with the waves in the rest of the water, because she’d be throwing it in from some other part of the lake. If you threw a pebble in, you’d see the ripples because you know where the rock landed. If you were standing next to Brandon while he was throwing a rock in, you might be able to get his echoes as well, because you’d see where he tossed the rock. But that’s the other thing, even if you’re standing very close to someone, you have to be actively watching the water to pick out the ripples.

The other side of this is that echoes are a vibration, and everyone has their own specific one. Mine is different from yours, is different from Bran’s, is different from Odin’s. So if you send something out, you’re much more like to find your own echo because you’re already tuned to your own frequency. Naturally. Bran, if he’s next to you and knows you did something, could probably attune himself to your frequency in order to look for your echo, but he wouldn’t hear it naturally.

So, with that in mind, if you think about you and Frey, or you and anybody you do magic with, it’s more like you’re playing with each other’s harmonics, rather than actually matching wavelengths. If you work well with someone, like you and he obviously do, it creates a kind of metaphysical music. A duet. If you were to try working with someone you desperately don’t get along with, like me and Odin, it would sound completely off-key and gross. If you get a bunch of people working together, as long as it’s toward a main, agreed-upon goal, even if there are a couple people who don’t harmonize well, the general tone will be sufficient and even create more harmonics out of the sympathetic vibrations. That’s what makes big, group-spells work. Everything is music.

That’s kinda of what the Hunt is doing, actually. *snicker* We’re like one bigass, badass marching band.”

So, there you have it, wisdom from one Vanic dragon. For those of you concerned, I did ask him if I could post this, since I know some spirits/Deities/etc. are a bit concerned about oversharing, but he said yes. Even reviewed it for errors. I, for one, find this kind of stuff endlessly intriguing. I think it’s the scientist in me. Val thinks I’m adorable nuts amusing.