Storm Water, Anyone?

So we had a bit weather yesterday!

And by that I mean most of my county got flooded and/or hailed on by a rather powerful thunderstorm. It rained, hailed, and thundered like the dickens out here and I managed to fill a 20 oz. bottle with storm water and hail. In five minutes. Everything’s fine today but yesterday the park was flooded to the point where my sister and I spotted a duck swimming across what would normally be a sidewalk.

I’m about to leave the bottle – it’s glass, btw, dunno if that matters to anyone reading – out in my window for a few days so it can get a full charge of moon and sunlight, provided the clouds scoot a little. Obviously I’m also going to filter the absolute hell out of it and possibly boil it for safety before I actually use it for anything. Or at least anything regarding contact with my own skin or tools (e.g. charged baths or charged paint water… actually that last one isn’t a half-bad idea).

Which is my problem, actually. I don’t have much of a clue what I’m going to use it for, yet, since I’ve never had this much storm water in the same place before – I live in a normally arid part of Colorado – but I’m excited to have it regardless. I’ve also not really been one for ritual spellcasting and potion-making in the past, since I prefer on-the-fly practical shtuff, but I’m feeling a rather strong urge to work some “get off my lawn” type spellcraft toward a certain individual who keeps gumming up the works in terms of scheduling lately. I’m thinking storm water will be a good thing to use for a bit of zap. Hell, with how much it flooded I wonder if I could built a proverbial moat.

Anyway. Do ya’ll use storm water in your practices? If so, what for? (I might steal a few ideas while my brain is percolating.)

May 8 2017 (1)

Behold! The desert is now a swamp.

Anxiety Rambles

Guess what? I fixed my editing software! 😀 And decided to do some rambles about anxiety because it’s a thing that I have and can do videos about. I’m gonna make a playlist about it. I am excited, if you couldn’t tell.

Also, something I didn’t mention in the video is the idea that fear can actually direct you toward where you need to go next, so that’ll probably go into another video at some point. “The thing I fear contains the thing I need.”

My Etsy shop is still on vacation until I can get a handle on some stuff but I’m working on it. I probably won’t be offering tarot or rune readings anymore, but my illustrations are still up. We’ll see! I’m also working on a super-secret project that is currently still in testing, but I think so far it’s working. Like, ~really~ well.

See you soon!


Rabbit Holes and Bear Tracks

Hello, friends!

It’s been a roller coaster of a week, for more than one reason. I got another book published on Wednesday, which was also the first day of Perthro’s half-month, and that’s when all of the weird started happening. If you’ve been around my blog for more than five minutes you’ll notice I’m not exactly the most sociable of people. Thus, “Being the Hermit.” Apparently life decided that I was going to step into a different role this week, because I’ve been out and about for the last two days straight, going into another few days of the same. For the last half-month or thereabouts, people have been coming to me to talk. Just, talk. Which…nobody ever really does. I’ve been happily replying as well, rather than my usual immediate reaction of, “*grumble mumble mrr* okay I’ll talk.” I’ve been catching up with an old friend, getting to know the ones I have a bit better, but the whole inundation of people was rather unexpected. No warning, just… *poof* people.

So, Wednesday. Early in the morning I got my book out on Amazon(it’s not really anything having to do with All This, I just write fantasy because I can) and not an hour later, after having decided that I wasn’t going to do anything that day that required me to sit in my chair and stare at the screen, Mutt called, asking if I was doing anything for lunch. We went out for lunch, walked around a park for a little while, talked about Pathfinder, and made crude jokes, it was nice. He gave me a bear-track pendant as a belated Yule-or-thereabouts present, and the surreal appropriateness of it was, well, surreal and appropriate.  He went on his way, I went on mine.

Yesterday, the old friend that I’ve been catching up with asked if I was doing anything for lunch. Well, of course not. I never just go out and do stuff, unless it’s with Bran. Old friend said he had someone he wanted me to meet(we’d been talking about her for a while, so it didn’t surprise me, but for the timing), so we all got together for a late lunch and a gab. I expected it to go something like this: we sit down for lunch, he and I crack a few jokes about Val, which she joins in on because of course he told her, and we get into a little discussion about magic and planes and whatnot(which was kinda why she wanted to meet me in the first place). I found out yesterday that I’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole, as it were, that I forget, sometimes, that “normal people” don’t… *gestures at blog in general* don’t this. Not to this extent, anyway. I’m honestly rather ashamed of myself that I didn’t realize, but when the old friend said she was, “kinda into energy work and stuff,” I assumed she had a bit broader of an understanding. We got to about the point in the conversation where I made mention of Val, and old friend gave me a weird look. Then the acquaintance gave me an even weirder look. I started to explain, and got about halfway through talking about different planes of existence before I realized she was completely lost.

Long story short(er), I am now much more aware of the meaning behind the phrase, “the more you work with Other, the more it Other’s you.” Other relevant quotes include: “the student chooses the teacher for whom they are ready,” and “I should not have said that” (-Hagrid). So far, I haven’t heard anything back, but we all left in kind of a confuse after my awkward attempts at explanation, and I honestly don’t expect anything. It was a humbling experience, if for no other reason than it reminded me how far I’ve gone off the beaten road. Which I’m alright with. I’ve never been happier or more at peace with myself in my life. This is where I’m supposed to be, off in the metaphorical/metaphysical wilderness, if you will. However, that little foray into miscommunication(thank you, Mercury Retrograde) reinforces how badly I need to practice talking to people about the basics, let alone all this *gestures at blog again.*

And then Odin came by, with Loki in tow, as often They do. They both reinforced the idea that I needed to meet her, I needed that weird, confusing-as-all-Helheim interaction, and that I’ve made some rather long strides since I started taking the weirdshit seriously. Odin remarked on the bear-track necklace that, “your friend has more talent than he thinks he does.”

Speaking of which, that’s where I’m off to today, to go play nice with Tentacles and the rest of my small tribe. By the time I get back, I have a feeling I’ll be rather exhausted. I already want a nap.

He gave me the metal pendant, but I added the beads, myself. I like wooden beads.

Mutt gave me the metal pendant, but I added the beads, myself. I like wooden beads.

Intriguing Graffiti and Isa

Hello, my friends!

There’s a mystery in my town that is nagging at the back of my mind and I want to know what it is. Banksy? Piksy? Who the heck knows. But… this:


What is it?!? Is it a logo for something? Is it a skater tag? Merlin? This isn’t the only one, either, I found one on the backside of a signpost while walking home the other day. I want to know what it means, because…I mean come on! It looks like someone’s been doing graffiti of Gramps and if that’s so then I want to know why. And who. The image really is digging into the back of my skull and I kinda want to see if there are more around town that I’ve never noticed. And they are very hard to notice. The only reason I saw the first one was because I happened to look down at exactly the right moment. The other weird thing about this is that the fence in the picture sits about a foot from where that thing is painted, and doesn’t have any paint on it, which means that whoever did it didn’t do it through the chain. Unless they were more clever than I am, which, I mean, could be.

Also it’s about the middle of the half-month of Isa, which means my life is sorta frozen as far as anything goes. It’s by far not one of my favorite half-months. Everything including my temper feels icy, which isn’t great considering how abrupt ice can crack and send a person down into a very cold lake. Iz not fun for anyone around me at the moment, but Jera is soon and hopefully with that i’ll be able to breathe again.

What do you think this is? Am I missing something completely obvious? Am I reading too much into it? Should I stay as far away from these things as I possibly can? Let me know.

Fenrir is His Father’s Son

Hello friends!

First of all, my internal response to the last post I did was one of sudden muse-ness, and I’ve got an eleven-person art in the works, which is, for me, crazy. I also am feeling a bit better, having gotten back home finally and been able to sleep in my own bed, surrounded by my loverly wards and Frey. I was out traveling around for three days straight which is something I don’t usually do, and it was rather overwhelming on top of everything else. I’m alright now. Mostly.

So, over the weekend I had an interesting night with The Friends from this side of the fence, we all went out to dinner, it was nice. Friend, the one who got me into the mess with the shielding a while back and who I will call Mutt for now, had a chat with me trying to figure out what Odin meant when he told me to “lead my tribe.” And handed me Gungnir. It was rather odd. I’m 80% sure he didn’t hand me all of Gungnir, just a bit of its energy, but still. My current guess is that The Friends are my tribe, along with, say, Val. I have a hard time considering any deities to be part of anything I’m supposed to be leading, so I’m just gonna steer clear of that idea for the time being. It was a short conversation which ended up with me feeling a bit like the Drum Major for a very tiny marching band.

Mutt’s boyfriend, who will be referred to hereafter as Pup, and I had a different but equally interesting conversation that I caught little of, but which resulted in Loki and Val spawning in Tentacle’s basement(Tentacle will be my blog-name for another of The Friends) and making paying attention rather difficult…and then Fenrir decided to sneak in and sit down. Right next to Pup. He kept grinning at me like he knew something we didn’t, and I ended up hedging a guess that he wanted Pup’s attention. Why? Because he doesn’t ever show up for me.

Earlier, Mutt messaged me that Pup found this picture:


I am laughing my Asa off.

I’ve never seen quite so literal or obvious a sign in my entire life. Fenrir wants Pup’s attention, and is willing to borrow Thor’s hammer(or me, either one) to get it. He is just as much a troll as his daddy is. If not more so.

Thought I’d share because of reasons. I needed a laugh today.

What Should I Even Call This?

Do people give warnings for image-heavy posts? Well, I am. Consider yourself warned.

Hehehellllo my friends. Pardon me while I giggle at myself for a week.



I made myself a thing! A bird thing. He doesn’t have a name yet, but uh… he exists now.  Continue reading

Pollution (aka, Why I Need to Remember my Shield)

*blows nose*

Oh. Hai, friends. Let me tell you a story.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Last weekend was highlands fest, this weekend(yesterday in fact) my group of buddies this side of the fence got together for Nerd Night, and a business meeting, the details of which are sooper seecrit because of reasons. So, I’ve been around people like crazy, more than I’m used to for a month normally. However, I have been brushing up on my Stuff All Noobs Should Know, which I apparently didn’t(much to my own chagrin); this included things like wards, cleansing, and shielding. Now, wards and cleansing I’m very good at. I can ward small objects so tight that people won’t see them sitting in front of their noses(I tested this), and I am quite fond of blast-cleansing my room with fire when there’s been Shtuff going on in it(thanks to my scaly arm, I am actually fireproof Over There, at least in part. I call it Clean It With Fire). Shielding is where I fall flat on my face, because I really, really super-suck at keeping the focus needed to maintain something like that. Val offered to help out on that front recently, but I keep forgetting to ask him about it in situations with which I might need an extra pair of talons and I don’t want to bother him if he’s busy. My solution thus far has been a squarish oak talisman carved with the aegishjalmr, or Helm of Awe. My “Oakenshield.” (heehee) It worked quite well when I was working at my old job, I never got assaulted or anything at Stupid O’Clock AM, except by mosquitoes and the occasional curious owl, so I’ve taken to carrying it around with me if I know I’m going to be around a lot of people.

Now, there’s a key phrase there: “if I know I’m going to be.” Highlands fest was fine, since I had it with me. I got through it with minimal freak-outage, which means it was pretty much working that whole time. Good things! I’ve worn it around town and been able to go into busy stores and restaurants without flipping out and running away, which is excellent. The only problem is that if I keep it on my person for too long, it makes me nauseous, and I really need to figure out why that is so I can fix it, but like I said, I super-suck at this and have no clue what I’m doing most of the time.

So you can imagine why I didn’t want to take the Oakenshield with me for Nerd Night, which involves being around 5-6 other people, at most, all of whom I know and am friends with(except one, but he hasn’t been around in ages, thank all the gods), plus one excitable puppy, in an environment I know and have actually done wards for(on the owner’s request). It was a fun night, awesome as anything, we got a lot done, and I’ve been introduced to a pathfinder party that may be the most fun one I’ve GM’d for yet.

However, about a quarter of the way into the business part of everything, one of my close friends got a call from one of his close friends, requesting help cleaning up his apartment because they’ve been having a bit of a clusterfuck in life and need it safe and tidy by Monday. Naturally, this friend of mine was the one who gave Bran and I a ride to his town from where we live, which is about half an hour to 45-min away, depending on which highway you take, and was going to give us a ride back in the morning. So, he asked all of us if we’d help out with the cleaning, many hands make light work and all that, and I immediately got the Super-Nope feeling in the back of my stomach. I was the only one who told him, “uh, well, you know me and my social anxiety, I’d be more of a mess than their apartment in two seconds.” Naturally, in the morning, he, Bran, and I all towed ourselves over to this guy’s apartment to help clean it.

At first, it wasn’t so bad. I had the heeby-jeebies at being in someone else’s house without their explicit permission, but only one other person was there, and she and I hit it off almost immediately, for whatever reason. I was a bit lost though, because Friend already knew the place and Bran is much more capable of dealing with physical weird shit than I am. Then the owners walked in, and there were the six of us in a tiny little place that was full of both physical, mental, and emotional Crap, and I didn’t have my shield with me, so my ability to cope went from 60 to about 5 real damn fast. Bran and Friend were both trying to comfort me the whole time, and I was feeling completely useless because basically there were too many of us in the same place to be at all helpful. I’m scowling just thinking about it. It wasn’t a good time for anyone involved. It was a mistake, we weren’t supposed to be there, and while I’m still grateful that I got to lend Friend a hand with his gas expense on the way out of town, it still would have been a better idea to wake up Host guy and have him give Bran and I a ride back home.

It wasn’t till later that I realized I’d just been in a house that was full of all sorts of pollution and hadn’t done anything to shield myself from it(though to be fairto myself, I was in too much of a panic at the time to do much more than stand out of the way and stare at the ground). Today, I’ve got the sniffles, a sore throat, and can feel the makings of a good headache/perhaps a fever coming on. I’m not full-on sick yet, but I can tell I fugged up. It occurred to me a little while ago, while I was sitting on my bed doing a bit of tarot, and because of said tarot, that I need to be thinking of my body in terms of the planet itself. I am a very earthy person. Capricorn rising with a Taurus sun. The dirt is strong with this one. So if I’m a planet, my shield would be like a magnetosphere. Thus, my body reacts to ‘pollution’ the same way a planet reacts to solar wind. Without a shield, I end up like Mars: with a cold, and lacking any sign of life. With too much shield, I end up like Venus: none of my natural outlet can be let out, so I end up with a headache and nausea. With just enough shield, or away from people who can screw with it, I’m like Earth: nice and balanced and healthy. Problem is…I don’t know what I’m doing, for the most part, when it comes to shielding. It’s my biggest weak-point, where the Basics are concerned. I’m going to end up asking Someone for help, after I get over the crud, and see what happens.

So, I consider this grossness to be the consequences of A) not listening to, and enforcing, my own intuition, and B) walking into a highly funked-up and gunked-up situation with no shield. Frankly a Venus-level shield probably wouldn’t have been too much in that place. Jupiter-level would have been useful, even. It was bad. It was a bad time. Nope nope nope. Thankfully, I heal fast. If I were a Pathfinder character, my highest score would probably be Constitution. Hopefully I’ll be on the back side of this thing in a few days. Until then…