Storm Water, Anyone?

So we had a bit weather yesterday!

And by that I mean most of my county got flooded and/or hailed on by a rather powerful thunderstorm. It rained, hailed, and thundered like the dickens out here and I managed to fill a 20 oz. bottle with storm water and hail. In five minutes. Everything’s fine today but yesterday the park was flooded to the point where my sister and I spotted a duck swimming across what would normally be a sidewalk.

I’m about to leave the bottle – it’s glass, btw, dunno if that matters to anyone reading – out in my window for a few days so it can get a full charge of moon and sunlight, provided the clouds scoot a little. Obviously I’m also going to filter the absolute hell out of it and possibly boil it for safety before I actually use it for anything. Or at least anything regarding contact with my own skin or tools (e.g. charged baths or charged paint water… actually that last one isn’t a half-bad idea).

Which is my problem, actually. I don’t have much of a clue what I’m going to use it for, yet, since I’ve never had this much storm water in the same place before – I live in a normally arid part of Colorado – but I’m excited to have it regardless. I’ve also not really been one for ritual spellcasting and potion-making in the past, since I prefer on-the-fly practical shtuff, but I’m feeling a rather strong urge to work some “get off my lawn” type spellcraft toward a certain individual who keeps gumming up the works in terms of scheduling lately. I’m thinking storm water will be a good thing to use for a bit of zap. Hell, with how much it flooded I wonder if I could built a proverbial moat.

Anyway. Do ya’ll use storm water in your practices? If so, what for? (I might steal a few ideas while my brain is percolating.)

May 8 2017 (1)

Behold! The desert is now a swamp.

Highlands Festivities

Hello friends!

It was a nice, quiet weekend for me. Other than the family of Scotts and Ires I was staying with. I went up with Bran and his family to the Highlands Festival in Estes, and we all had a blast. I didn’t get many pictures from the actual festival, I was more focused on enjoying it, but I did get a bunch of pictures while we were up at the cabin. Mostly wildlife. For instance, a big elk and his lovely ladies came through about ten feet from the cabin just as we were arriving, and sadly I didn’t get pictures of them either. But it was impressive, and a warm welcome back to the hills from the locals. I even got to hear an elk bugling for the first time in my life! I was very excited! And I did get a picture of that!

Highlands 2015 1


We also found a lovely little river down the hill from the cabin and across a horse trail. It was a friendly little stream, but really, really cold. I stuck my hand in it. I probably should have expected that from a mountain stream but oh well.

Highlands 2015 3

That’s Bran, btw. Sitting on his rock. I call him my deer.

Highlands 2015 5

I stole his rock.

Highlands 2015 2

Happy little river.

On our way back up the mountain from the river, we managed to spot some wild turkeys. I caught a picture of them as they made their meandering escape.

Highlands 2015 4

Lest you wonder where the dinosaurs went.


Like I said, I didn’t get any picture while I was actually at the fairgrounds, but there was plenty of excitement! Started out right inside the gate, where two ravens were sitting next to each other on the fence. Later on I got to see a Great Horned Owl and a Swainson’s Hawk up close and personal, both adorable cuties. Although the owl looked like he want to go back to bed. I got a couple things of interest, including a wooden wolf head necklace(the Feels were Reals with that one), and a t-shirt with a celtic design of two ravens on it from Jen Dylenth’s Celtic Art Studio. Later on we watched part of the heavy armor jousting, including the part where one of the guys(Charlie Andrews I think) knocked another guy’s armor off. YES. He hit the clasp on the guy’s shoulder and the entire front, back, and guard plates came off. It. Was. Awesome.

So, yeah! Fun weekend, but I’m tired. People exhaust me. I’m going to go drink a lot of tea now and wrap myself up in Pathfinder campaign planning. Quiet time is nice time.

A Small Vacation

Hello, my friends! I’m home again!

So, my mother decided on rather short notice that my family and I were going to go on a vacation. We did. We drove up into Rocky Mountain National Park and stayed a couple nights, shopped around Estes Park a little, and drove up Trail Ridge Road. It was a nice time!

Small Vacation 1

This is what 5’3″ looks like at 12,000 ft. My sister took the picture.

We saw a couple of elk…

Pretty elk!

Pretty elk!

TWO pretty elk!

TWO pretty elk!

Okay. There were elk EVERYWHERE up there.

Okay. There were elk EVERYWHERE up there.

And also a marmot.

"Check out dem voluptuous marmot buns!" - My sister.

“Check out dem voluptuous marmot buns!” – My sister.

Loki and Frey decided to tag along as well! They enjoyed my dad’s music a great deal (They were dancing in the back seat of the car at one point, and playing air-instruments at another. Frey headbanging to Oingo Boingo is the funniest.) as well as the views and the crisp, thin, mountain air.

The two bracelets were made by Loki's Little Hippie Witch. So, yes, Loki and Frey did come with me. :)

The two bracelets were made by Loki’s Little Hippie Witch. So, yes, Loki and Frey did come with me. 🙂

So that’s where I’ve been the last few days! I got a chunk of optical calcite while I was up there too, so now I have my very own viking sun stone. 😀 It was enormous amounts of fun, hopefully I’ll be able to go up there with Bran at some point.

And with that I’ll bid you all adieu! See you around, and have a good one.

Fun fact, I actually live an hour and a half away from Jotunnheim. XD

That marmot is a lucky punk.

Hermit Has a New Shell

Hello, all! It’s been a while.

Over the past… what, month? Ish? the Hermit has moved from home to dorm, and hasn’t had much time for anything. Things are starting to calm down, now, so, I’m going to try to get more Tarot cards done, but I’m also balancing that with studies. And writing. This will be fun. Being a Geology major unfortunately requires me to take chemistry, which, I’m learning quickly, is probably my worst subject in the history of anything. The things we do for the stuff we love.

Yeah. Things have been happening. From packing my stuff onward it has been nonstop. Got all packed in the space of about a week, move-in day happened, followed by the introduction to one of the best decisions I’ve ever made: moving into the Spectrum community. It was quiet-ish for a little while except for the parties going on in the green outside my window [*cursing and expletives*], but I only had two days before classes started. Homework happened, my room flooded, I had to move again, and then move back a week later after they fixed it, my mom has had some shtuff happen, the past few days I’ve been at the Scottish-Irish Highlands Festival up in Estes Park with my significant other and his family, which is an entirely other story by itself, and now… it’s today. Good morning! I’m taking a break from life. Thank you very much. *whew*

So, that’s my story. Welcome back to college for the lazy Hermit! Which is fine, really, because this community is awesome, and the campus is beautiful. Even through all the [insert frustrated half-articulated expletive noise] that’s been going on, there’s beauty everywhere. 🙂 Go look for it. It’ll be worth it.

Until next time!

ps. If you ever get the chance to watch Jousting live, you should do it. I don’t care how scared you are of crowds, the horses are majestic, the knights are fabulous, and unhorsings are the scariest things I’ve ever seen. Do it.

Who is this “Hermit”?

Well, I’m not a crab, I can say that much for certain.

I am someone who sees the “alignment” drop-down for inserting an image into a post, and thinks to myself, “Chaotic Good.” I’m that person who, in the midst of a sentence, gets distracted by my own thoughts and follows the thought-bunny in my mind for a few seconds before picking up where I left off. I have a crystal collection that outnumbers the number of single shoes I own, a propensity for finding shiny things, and a habit of looking at something and finding a use for it that it was not intentionally or originally designed for. I am someone who tries to see beauty in everything, and sometimes fails miserably in doing so.

Before this gets asked, and I know it will, no I do not live in a cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere. Except in my mind. My mind-palace happens to be a mind-forest. No, I actually live in my nice, cozy, sometimes too cozy, room, in the middle of Cow Flats, Colorado. I do have a nice little park across the street, though, so, from my window I would be able to imagine myself actually living in a forest… were it not for the bright garish yellow house in the way. Oh well.

I’m not a complete nut-job, though. I am in the midst of getting a bachelor’s degree in Geology from the college in my town, which isn’t the best, but I am in one of the best states to be studying what I am, so, learning before notoriety. Hah. Originally I wanted to try out Physics as a degree but decided that there was too much math and not enough things that I could actually pick up and look at. As mentioned before, I do have a rock collection. The step seemed inevitable.

By spirit, however, I am an Artist. I have been doing Art since I could pick up a crayon and make a mark on a page. Why am I not pursuing a career in Art, then? And why on Earth do I capitalize Art? Because I don’t want my ideas and creativity to be channeled down the narrow tube of commissions, which has happened before, and I have since discovered that, no sir, it is not for me. As for the second question, I use Art to refer not only to visual art – drawing, painting, photos, digital, etc. – but also dance, writing, music, martial, and spiritual arts. Which is why I am an Artist, and not an artist. I do all of those things, some professionally, most for my own enjoyment. I live, eat, breathe, and dream Art, which leads to all sorts of weird and crazy outlooks on life in general.

And that would be the Hermit in a nutshell. Or crab shell, whichever you prefer.