Aside: Why the Marmot, Though?

Weird title for a weird thing.

Long story short – this is an aside, after all – I got bit by a marmot of all things. In a dream, mind you, I don’t go around trying to poke these things in real life. Though, I have seen one in real life and it was quite cute!

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Aside: Technical Difficulties

-quietly screaming-

Hello, everyone!

Sorry for not uploading any videos for a month and a half but Movie Studio will not start. Probably because of a Windows update. Because technology.

I haven’t broken anything. Yet.

Of course the other reason I haven’t been making videos or posting in general is that I got a bunch of commissions (for me that means, like, three. Which is still hilarious and takes a helluva long time) all at once! So I guess that’s technically a good thing, even if it means I’m spreading myself way too thin again. As usual. When you’re interested in doing as many things as I am it seems pretty damn unavoidable.

See you soon, probably, I hope.


Aside: Nesting?

Hey-do-merry-do, me hearties!

‘Scuse my horrible Tom Bombadil impression but I’ve got a lot to do recently and I’m feeling the Knight of Wands energy pretty hardcore right now(thanks to Bran for pointing it out).

Wanted to pop by and say that if you stop by my blog and see it change and evolve every so often this week it’s because I recently stumbled into a bit of wisdom that really struck home with me. It was, “Your website should feel like your second home.” So I’m… nesting. Kinda. Not the best word for it, but I am trying to make my blog feel a bit more like, well, me! I’ve actually made a list of things to do to accomplish that, so I’ll be working furiously at getting things done for the next few days or so. After that… inventory. *evil plotting*

So, yeah. Don’t be alarmed, I’m just remodeling a little. And figuring out how to use some of the features that this theme come with that I didn’t know about on first inspection. Same old me, same hermit, just trying to figure out what works for me and what looks good. Be back here tomorrow with a video, and until then, have an awesome day!