Let’s Work Together

So I’ve written a few books.

Seven, to be precise. If you’re looking for a world you can sink into, relax, and theorize about to your heart’s content, I’ve dreamed up an entire fantasy universe to explore. Between the novels and the blog posts, there’s always something in progress, and the world of the Five Realms is constantly expanding and developing. The Tales of Esper Ravenwood follows a several-times-reincarnated bard through what may be one of the most important journeys of his existence. The Tales from Liserna trilogy focuses on a mercenary Runepriest, a psychic berserker, and a prince-turned-raider as they find allies and trouble in Omnia. The Redgate Chronicles is a tale of dragons, demons, gods, and an unlikely trio who manage to break the world. All of the books are available on Kindle. The Tales of Esper Ravenwood and the Redgate Chronicles are also available on Kindle Unlimited.

To the Five Realms and Beyond

Have any questions, suggestions, or insights you’d like to share with me? Give me a shout! My ears are always open, sometimes to my chagrin.