Reflecting: Being a Witcher and a Quirk of Ancestral Muscle Memory


The new moon is today-ish (it’s today locally, your results may vary) which means my little exploration into being a Witcher for a month has officially wound down. I learned a lot, primarily about the way my body functions and how I can change it. Even that I can change it, which is something I actually struggled with for a while. On the less-cool hand, though, I did put a lot of stress on my body the last few weeks (not just with physical work but with trying to get paperwork and art taken care of before Yule) which managed to interrupt rather an important physical cycle and one I’m still paranoid about.

For this month-long meditation I mostly focused on physical training – I’m a lot stronger than I think I am – and little things that echo game mechanics in the Witcher 3, like sign casting (I cast runes, they work just as well) and meditating. That last one took an interesting turn, and I actually found a breathing/cold exposure technique – the Wim Hof method – that actually does produce changes in a body related to PH level and blood oxygen content. Potion making is another story. I don’t actually know where the blender is hiding in the kitchen, otherwise I’d do something besides make tea, but tea works for a lot of things.

So for my next experiment I’m aiming for something a bit different, but one that brings the focus in a bit more, rather than being an archetype that encompasses as many things as a Witcher. It is another primarily masculine archetype – maybe one day I’ll work with more feminine ones but today is not that day – and that is the Paladin. Specifically the Paladin as occupied/represented by Reinhardt Wilhelm, Overwatch’s sci-fi version of Thor, basically. Personality-wise, Reinhardt is basically Geralt’s opposite. His abilities are much more focused on taking damage than dishing it out. “I will be your shield.” Which is how I spar, to be honest. My body can take a surprising amount of abuse before it starts really hurting. (I always spar with a helmet and gloves on, don’t worry. I’ve never broken anything, and am classically trained!) My aim for the Reinhardt experiment is even more physical training based than the Witcher one, now that I know how much I can do and stick with. I might continue it for more than a month, just to see what happens.

And now, a quirk of muscle memory from somewhere Back A-Ways: turns out I walk barefoot the same way people used to do before shoes started having really thick soles on them. There is actually a gait difference between, say, 9th century Scandinavians and modern us. Because their shoes were different, they walked with their toes first, rather than their heels, which is both safer when wearing that kind of shoe and better for posture. I honestly didn’t realize I walked like this, or that it was a weird way of walking for modern shoe-adapted people (like my own Bran for instance), until I found a video on it a few days ago. Now, to be fair, I’m not entirely sure what the historical accuracy of this video or the theory is, but it is fun to think about anyway. And now I know why my gait is so funky. 😀

On further investigation it seems there are actually several sources that corroborate this! Sweet. I accidentally walk with pre-thick sole biomechanics! I’m sure I’m not the only one, but it’s still fun to learn about. (For me, anyway.) I don’t think I’m going to be giving up my hiking boots when trudging all the way across the city anytime soon (simply because of broken glass and whatnot) but, it’s good to know anyway!

Aside: In Service to Thor, Ingvi, and Sigyn

If I ever see someone abusing our symbols for hate I will find a way to flag them, report them, or otherwise be a little shit a la Loki. I don’t have the strength or power of Thor, but I do know how to use what I can.

I do not stand for hate. I will never stand for hate. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves by whatever means I am able. I want people to see our names and our hammers and know that they are safe. After all, that’s what His hammer used to stand for: protection and safety. And that is what it will continue to stand for while I’m here.

This is a safe space. I will not further ostracize those who already feel cast out. I will not harm anyone who has already been hurt. I may not have much reach or be able to protect people physically, but I can keep my virtual spaces a safe haven for those who need it. This extends not just to those who call on the Aesir, Vanir, or Rökkr but to those of other traditions and other faiths as well. This safe space is open to any and all who need it, regardless of gender or lack thereof, sexuality or lack thereof, nationality, skin color, creed, faith, or belief system. With one major exception:

White-supremacists are not welcome here. Especially those who use our symbols for hate.

Algir, Laukr, Thurisaz, Bjarkan.
May those who need it find peace here.
May those who wish to harm them fuck right the hell off.

Pardon my french.

Aside: Why the Marmot, Though?

Weird title for a weird thing.

Long story short – this is an aside, after all – I got bit by a marmot of all things. In a dream, mind you, I don’t go around trying to poke these things in real life. Though, I have seen one in real life and it was quite cute!

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So Here We Are

Here we are again.

People say that those who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it. Well, the rest of us have to watch them repeat it, too. So it seems. The thing about stories though, and history is a story, is that they’re never told the same way twice. Every time you read a book you catch something new, you read a voice in a slightly different inflection, or catch a joke you didn’t the first time. You might see a movie in a completely different frame of mind as the first time, and it looses all appeal. You might hear a song after a bad breakup and it goes forever on your hate list because it reminds you too much of them.

So here’s something else.

Yeah, we just elected a bigot. Which is perhaps the mildest way to put it. But he’s not just there because there are so many jerks in our country, this was an act of desperation. We elected a brick through the window of everyone ignoring the situation that led up to this, as if the poor, tired, and struggling masses of America got sick of it, looked at the people who have it easy and said, “Hey? You listening now?”

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Aside: Technical Difficulties

-quietly screaming-

Hello, everyone!

Sorry for not uploading any videos for a month and a half but Movie Studio will not start. Probably because of a Windows update. Because technology.

I haven’t broken anything. Yet.

Of course the other reason I haven’t been making videos or posting in general is that I got a bunch of commissions (for me that means, like, three. Which is still hilarious and takes a helluva long time) all at once! So I guess that’s technically a good thing, even if it means I’m spreading myself way too thin again. As usual. When you’re interested in doing as many things as I am it seems pretty damn unavoidable.

See you soon, probably, I hope.


Aside: Nesting?

Hey-do-merry-do, me hearties!

‘Scuse my horrible Tom Bombadil impression but I’ve got a lot to do recently and I’m feeling the Knight of Wands energy pretty hardcore right now(thanks to Bran for pointing it out).

Wanted to pop by and say that if you stop by my blog and see it change and evolve every so often this week it’s because I recently stumbled into a bit of wisdom that really struck home with me. It was, “Your website should feel like your second home.” So I’m… nesting. Kinda. Not the best word for it, but I am trying to make my blog feel a bit more like, well, me! I’ve actually made a list of things to do to accomplish that, so I’ll be working furiously at getting things done for the next few days or so. After that… inventory. *evil plotting*

So, yeah. Don’t be alarmed, I’m just remodeling a little. And figuring out how to use some of the features that this theme come with that I didn’t know about on first inspection. Same old me, same hermit, just trying to figure out what works for me and what looks good. Be back here tomorrow with a video, and until then, have an awesome day!