Aside: In Service to Thor, Ingvi, and Sigyn

If I ever see someone abusing our symbols for hate I will find a way to flag them, report them, or otherwise be a little shit a la Loki. I don’t have the strength or power of Thor, but I do know how to use what I can.

I do not stand for hate. I will never stand for hate. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves by whatever means I am able. I want people to see our names and our hammers and know that they are safe. After all, that’s what His hammer used to stand for: protection and safety. And that is what it will continue to stand for while I’m here.

This is a safe space. I will not further ostracize those who already feel cast out. I will not harm anyone who has already been hurt. I may not have much reach or be able to protect people physically, but I can keep my virtual spaces a safe haven for those who need it. This extends not just to those who call on the Aesir, Vanir, or Rökkr but to those of other traditions and other faiths as well. This safe space is open to any and all who need it, regardless of gender or lack thereof, sexuality or lack thereof, nationality, skin color, creed, faith, or belief system. With one major exception:

White-supremacists are not welcome here. Especially those who use our symbols for hate.

Algir, Laukr, Thurisaz, Bjarkan.
May those who need it find peace here.
May those who wish to harm them fuck right the hell off.

Pardon my french.

Aside: Why the Marmot, Though?

Weird title for a weird thing.

Long story short – this is an aside, after all – I got bit by a marmot of all things. In a dream, mind you, I don’t go around trying to poke these things in real life. Though, I have seen one in real life and it was quite cute!

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So Here We Are

Here we are again.

People say that those who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it. Well, the rest of us have to watch them repeat it, too. So it seems. The thing about stories though, and history is a story, is that they’re never told the same way twice. Every time you read a book you catch something new, you read a voice in a slightly different inflection, or catch a joke you didn’t the first time. You might see a movie in a completely different frame of mind as the first time, and it looses all appeal. You might hear a song after a bad breakup and it goes forever on your hate list because it reminds you too much of them.

So here’s something else.

Yeah, we just elected a bigot. Which is perhaps the mildest way to put it. But he’s not just there because there are so many jerks in our country, this was an act of desperation. We elected a brick through the window of everyone ignoring the situation that led up to this, as if the poor, tired, and struggling masses of America got sick of it, looked at the people who have it easy and said, “Hey? You listening now?”

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Aside: Technical Difficulties

-quietly screaming-

Hello, everyone!

Sorry for not uploading any videos for a month and a half but Movie Studio will not start. Probably because of a Windows update. Because technology.

I haven’t broken anything. Yet.

Of course the other reason I haven’t been making videos or posting in general is that I got a bunch of commissions (for me that means, like, three. Which is still hilarious and takes a helluva long time) all at once! So I guess that’s technically a good thing, even if it means I’m spreading myself way too thin again. As usual. When you’re interested in doing as many things as I am it seems pretty damn unavoidable.

See you soon, probably, I hope.


Aside: Nesting?

Hey-do-merry-do, me hearties!

‘Scuse my horrible Tom Bombadil impression but I’ve got a lot to do recently and I’m feeling the Knight of Wands energy pretty hardcore right now(thanks to Bran for pointing it out).

Wanted to pop by and say that if you stop by my blog and see it change and evolve every so often this week it’s because I recently stumbled into a bit of wisdom that really struck home with me. It was, “Your website should feel like your second home.” So I’m… nesting. Kinda. Not the best word for it, but I am trying to make my blog feel a bit more like, well, me! I’ve actually made a list of things to do to accomplish that, so I’ll be working furiously at getting things done for the next few days or so. After that… inventory. *evil plotting*

So, yeah. Don’t be alarmed, I’m just remodeling a little. And figuring out how to use some of the features that this theme come with that I didn’t know about on first inspection. Same old me, same hermit, just trying to figure out what works for me and what looks good. Be back here tomorrow with a video, and until then, have an awesome day!

Aside: Etsy

Hey friends, quick aside.

What the heck am I gonna do with my Etsy? I have one, I just don’t have anything on it at the moment. I keep thinking I should make stuff and sell it, but I don’t know what I want to make. It could just be an assorted magical trinket shop, given that I’m kind of an all-over-the-place person. It could be the Nordic-styled equivalent of Ollivander’s Wand Shop, I suppose. My carving isn’t the most professional but it’s because I don’t have power tools. I have at least decent knowledge and relationship of/with the trees around my area, so I know what wood I’m working with most of the time and respect it as such. I could do rune and/or tarot and/or oracle spreads if I were to actually sit down and create my own (which is not a bad idea, actually, let me get back to you on that one). I’d do jewelry but unfortunately my hands, while tiny and strong, are a little too clumsy for it. And I don’t have any of the skill set(let alone the nose) required to make incense or candles or oil blends, so that’s out. I do have an Oracle deck of my own design that I’m slowly but surely working on in the background that I might put up on it, but that’s… that’s far-ish future. Within the next year or two if I manage to figure out what all the cards actually mean by then(I go about many things bass-ackwards and this is one of them. They all have basic meanings now but until I’m able to use them in a reading I won’t know all of their complexities for sure).

Currently my only plan is to figure out what sounds feasible and do it; it’s the figuring it out part that’s stumping me. That, and I have exactly zero idea how business on Etsy works from the actually business-ing end, so that‘s something I’ll have to learn. Hoping my Etsy-savvy friends might be able to lend some advice on that score. I plan to have some stuff in it and properly open it up in the spring or thereabouts, but nothing’s set in stone. I’ve got plenty of planning time ahead. What do you all think?

Another aside: I’ve recently “inherited” my mother’s old Rider-Waite deck and oh my dear sweet baby pickles it’s so cool. I say “inherited” because she’s not dead yet, thank Hel, but she doesn’t do tarot anymore so decided to pass it along to me. 1970’s edition. It’s already established itself as the “Grandfather” deck among my growing collection. I’m alright with this.

Intriguing Graffiti and Isa

Hello, my friends!

There’s a mystery in my town that is nagging at the back of my mind and I want to know what it is. Banksy? Piksy? Who the heck knows. But… this:


What is it?!? Is it a logo for something? Is it a skater tag? Merlin? This isn’t the only one, either, I found one on the backside of a signpost while walking home the other day. I want to know what it means, because…I mean come on! It looks like someone’s been doing graffiti of Gramps and if that’s so then I want to know why. And who. The image really is digging into the back of my skull and I kinda want to see if there are more around town that I’ve never noticed. And they are very hard to notice. The only reason I saw the first one was because I happened to look down at exactly the right moment. The other weird thing about this is that the fence in the picture sits about a foot from where that thing is painted, and doesn’t have any paint on it, which means that whoever did it didn’t do it through the chain. Unless they were more clever than I am, which, I mean, could be.

Also it’s about the middle of the half-month of Isa, which means my life is sorta frozen as far as anything goes. It’s by far not one of my favorite half-months. Everything including my temper feels icy, which isn’t great considering how abrupt ice can crack and send a person down into a very cold lake. Iz not fun for anyone around me at the moment, but Jera is soon and hopefully with that i’ll be able to breathe again.

What do you think this is? Am I missing something completely obvious? Am I reading too much into it? Should I stay as far away from these things as I possibly can? Let me know.

Dear Poseidon, or: I want to reject compassion

Poseidon and I don’t have the greatest history, but this thing…yes. Read it if you haven’t already.

Strip Me Back To The Bone

Dear Poseidon,

Compassion has been a cornerstone of o/Our relationship since the very first day w/We met and You held compassion for me. You planted a seed of compassion for others within me, though it would be years and years before that would sprout. Awareness, You stress — take in all sides, view the big picture, strive to understand the full story, and then, compassion.

Compassion isn’t complacency. It’s not being a doormat. It’s not turn the other cheek while atrocious things are done to you. Sometimes compassion is action, and sometimes its hard action, but ideally with personal desires removed — justice versus revenge, even when the outcome is the same. It’s why I can say I strive toward being compassionate, and still think the death penalty is sometimes necessary, or at least, more desirable, more proper than letting people continue to live. Though, that’s beginning to slip, these…

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