Art Post: Where There’s A Shaman, There’s A Drum


Because I didn’t mention this in the last picture he was in, this is my moose. We’re both walking slightly different but intertwining versions of the same path, and more often than not he ends up taking care of me, rather than the other way around.

(He’s not actually a moose, but he is much taller than I am.)


Art Post: Suddenly Blue


Hallo, friends!

Another weird thing I forgot to mention in my ramblings about what I’m coming to call, “The Mongol Incident” was that, in addition to having a rather sudden, strong, and short-lived fever, I also had a weird perception shift happen, in which the color blue suddenly stuck out like a sore thumb. It was as though I was seeing the color for the first time. So, this happened:

Subtle ambient occlusion mixed with my normal style. Also, blue. Lots of blue.


See you when I see you, everyone! Hope you like.

A Little Something for Frey

Hello, my friends!

I haven’t exactly kept up with my attempt at August for Frey, since it’s been rather a hectic month. Between opening art commissions and having job problems, I haven’t had a lot of time. But, Frey, being the understanding and kind guy he is, has helped me out through all of it, and I can’t really thank him—or anyone else for that matter— enough. He and my Bran have been there for me through thick, thin, and all the Weirdshit in between, so, it feels wrong to have just stopped the posts. Frey, however, doesn’t seem to mind, and asked me sometime last week if I would do a portrait of him, since the first one I did is rather outdated at this point. He said something like, “you can novel with the best of them, but you’d be better off leaving the devotional blogging to someone else, for now.” It was rather jokingly said, but he’s right. I’m still learning, and my truest talent has always been in Art.

So. In lieu of any further 30-days-of-Frey posts, I give you(and him)… Frey with Tiger Lilies:

Tiger Lillies