About the Hermit

When I was first starting out along this weird and wonderful path, and leaping headfirst into Tarot without knowing much about it, nor having worked at all with the Grandfather of All Tarot Decks (that would be the Rider-Waite deck, or at least the one I’m working with now), the cards kept giving me The Hermit. No matter what reading I did, I’d always see him come up somewhere, be it in the reading itself, as a jumper, or at the bottom of the deck. He was always there! He’s still there, even though I’ve now got something of a collection going, and gave my first deck, Tarot of the Elves, to my sister so that she had one with which to learn and practice.

So when it came time to figure out what I’d call my blog, after having tried to start a few in the past with little success, I decided to follow the cards. Now, I’m Being the Hermit, to the best of my ability, and my understanding and exploration of the messages in that card (and all of the cards, but that one in particular) has evolved and transformed over time. The title has grown organically with me! Where I used to consider myself as embodying only a few aspects of the archetype, with every little change I realize I am more Hermit than I ever imagined, my collection of canes and walking sticks aside.

I’m being called, not just to create wonderful things, but to work for my tribe, speaking for those who can no longer speak, Seeing for those who can’t See, and living for those who who have moved on to other things. I work with spirits, deities, animals, my own past lives, and signs and patterns from the Universe to shed a little light on the dark parts of the world, or at least those parts I can reach. If I lead, I do so by example, and if I guide, I do so from the heart. I may not be the Hermit, but I am Hermit; a shaman, a wanderer, an alchemist, and a warrior.

With that, I hope you enjoy the rest of my digital hermit’s hut, and I’ll see you around the woods, my friend!


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