Drawing the Bow


So it’s still Mercury Retrograde. I, for one, love Mercury Retrograde, because I am mostly passive Earth signs and like having room to breathe, but I am not immune from technological or communication challenges. Especially with having my Mercury sign being Gemini. Woohoo. Can you tell what I’ve been up to lately?

In looking at some astrology stuff, like what my full chart is (because it turns out my main character is my moon sign; can you say, “unintentional shadow work?”) I ran across the current Mercury Retrograde stuff. Turns out, it’s retrograding from Capricorn (my rising sign, yay) into Sagittarius.

Wait. What?

Sagittarius. The Archer. Arrows, air, the suit of Swords in the Wildwood deck. I took a look at that information and a whole raft of stuff suddenly made sense. Like the Hermit from the tarot just stuck his lantern right where it needed to be to illuminate a cave full of awesome. I know Sag is a fire sign, not an air sign, but the archer though. This is exciting to me! Everything feels like it’s fighting against any forward movement right now because the universe is drawing back the proverbial bow. Whatever we’re putting energy into now is going to get flung forward, full-force, when Mercury goes direct again, especially if we take advantage of it. We’ll have a day or two of aiming and directing when it’s slowing down, but then wham! Shoot the arrow.

I’m sure most, or at least some, of you knew this already, but I’ve never had the desire to look into astrology much. This is somewhat new to me, and very exciting to know. I’m real glad I decided to work on some major course adjustments now rather than later, and I can’t wait to see what happens when the universe lets that arrow fly.

See you when I see you.

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