Aside: Technical Difficulties

-quietly screaming-

Hello, everyone!

Sorry for not uploading any videos for a month and a half but Movie Studio will not start. Probably because of a Windows update. Because technology.

I haven’t broken anything. Yet.

Of course the other reason I haven’t been making videos or posting in general is that I got a bunch of commissions (for me that means, like, three. Which is still hilarious and takes a helluva long time) all at once! So I guess that’s technically a good thing, even if it means I’m spreading myself way too thin again. As usual. When you’re interested in doing as many things as I am it seems pretty damn unavoidable.

See you soon, probably, I hope.


One thought on “Aside: Technical Difficulties

  1. If you don’t mind posting raw footage, you can use Google/Youtube’s “Hangouts On Air” to do what my husband and I call a “quick and dirty” video. Downside, you can’t really edit it so it exists on Youtube “as is”. It’s good for doing quick updates that you simply don’t have time to properly edit or make a proper video. It works in browser, after downloading a special google plugin (unless you’ve got Chrome. I think the plug-in is built in for Chrome, but I could be wrong.) so there’s not much to worry about when it comes to dealing with touchy software, and as far as I know it works on pretty much any machine with a webcam and microphone, Windows or otherwise.

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