BRB, Adventuring

Hello, friends.

No video this week, because I’ve been preparing for another three-day trip, akin to the one I took in College where I went around Colorado and saw All The Things with my geology class. This time, though, I have a more solemn purpose for my gallivanting around, and the Pack is coming with me. We’re off today to go scatter Mutt’s ashes up in the mountains. He’d have liked that, I think. Only two things he would have wanted more would probably be getting made into little necklaces for us and his family, or getting shipped off to Egypt. (Which is where he was the last time he was a human!) I know he’s in good hands, both physically and soulfully, so I’m not too morose about the whole thing. Just worried about the getting there and back. And it’s supposed to rain again, like it did the whole week of April 27th.

So I’ll be back soon. Until then have some poetry that I remember from one of my dad’s books, but I don’t know who the original author is:

I must off to the seas again,
To the lonely sea in the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship,
And a star to steer her by.

Your Thoughts

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