Introducing My Drum

In which I attempt to play a double-headed 10″ decoration drum like a bodhran. With a pencil. And it doesn’t sound horrible. I also discuss the personality of the drum and am surrounded by various birds through the video.

Also, about five minutes after I shut the camera off the felt thing on the front of the drum came off. ‘Tis a sign!

Here’s the playlist for the bodhran lesson videos.

3 thoughts on “Introducing My Drum

  1. cool! You’ve got a DOUBLE SIDED DRUM. I’m glad you connected to it. For dream quest, I listen and play at the beat of my heart, then I try to slowdown my heart beat with the drum. It’s fascinating to see you heart getting in rhythm with it. You slowly go under as your heart rate goes down…

    Reindeer; Mongolia.

    Its funny. This week-end I saw my very first Irish Bodhran show! Cool.

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    • Right? ;D She looks much better without the wolf on the front. Sounds a lot better, too. Thank you for the playing tip, by the way! I’m going to try it out when I get the chance and see what happens. 😀 Congrats on seeing the bodhran show, and I am a wee bit jealous.

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