Waking Up and Hobbit Birthday

Good morning, friends!

First, quick update on all the things: Scheduling at work seems to have gotten sorted out, so while it’s still not exactly a consistent schedule I at least have some time to live while I’m at home, and work on things that I’m called to do (more on that later). The healing process is going pretty well; I’ve given Mutt a place on the Names of Interest page (as well as adding my pop culture pantheon to the mix) and the brunt of the pain has more or less subsided now. I feel mostly human again, which is always a good thing!

Now, about hobbits, birthdays, and things I’m called to do. Yesterday was my birthday! Woo! Friday the 13th and nothing went wrong, besides the unexpected cactus (I kid you not, my mom got me a tiny cactus. I’m still not sure what to make of this turn of events). I also got a framed picture in the likeness of Frey, and I’m going to need to do some re-arranging soon so that I can make him a proper place. It’s currently hanging on my wall in place of my Big Honking Year Wheel.

You may be wondering what all this talk of hobbits is about. I’m not making short jokes, (even though I am pretty short) I’m actually making an offering to you, my tribe. And possibly others outside of what some would consider “my tribe.” (Hello to all of you as well, by the way!) In true hobbit tradition, I’m doing a reversal of the whole birthday presents thing. Instead of receiving, I’m giving gifts to you!

Since I’m setting up an Etsy shop (which will also be called BeingtheHermit) it occurs to me that I need to practice my readings, mostly the design and delivery thereof. Since there are a lot of you who wander into my little digital home in search of Tarot guidance, I figured you all would be both the ones to ask for feedback and the ones who would benefit most from this.

So! For the next 21 days (May 14th-June 3rd) you can send me an e-mail and ask for a free Tarot, Oracle, or Rune reading! I’ll have more details up in a “free readings” page very soon, but this is open to anyone who’s willing to give honest feedback in exchange for a bit of wisdom or inspiration from the cards/runes.

Happy birthday, everyone! Love all around, and I hope to see you soon!
– Erik (beingthehermit@gmail.com)

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