YouTube Pagan Challenge Week 12

Hello, friends!

Springtime on the Front Range? Talking about how wonderful this time of year is? Perfect day for a blizzard.

Colorado, go back to bed. You’re drunk.

YT Pagan Challenge

4 thoughts on “YouTube Pagan Challenge Week 12

    1. Very few things are! 😀 But yeah good grief. The wind was horrendous earlier, but where I’m at it’s looking like it might clear up sometime overnight or tomorrow morning.


      1. I’m in Thornton. But yeah, supposed to be a lot warmer tomorrow. I am sad for my poor blackberry plant that I just put out in my garden. I don’t know much about blackberry plants, so I hope it is hardy!


      2. I hope so too. If it survived the cold, though, all that snow is going to melt into water, which will be awesome for everything involved. 😀

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