More Thoughts on the Sun and Moon

Heyo, friends.

While staring out my window about an hour ago watching the moon rise and the clouds off to the west paint themselves pink and gold with the last rays of the sun (jeez, that was poetic) I realized why talking about the Sun and Moon as two poles of the same spectrum feels really weird to me.

I mentioned — or, I hope I mentioned — in the “What does the moon mean to me” video that I was having trouble seeing either celestial body (thank you words) as either gender. Honestly, it’s because I realize that the general way most people think of the Sun and Moon are as masculine and feminine respectively, which is reversed in Northern Tradition Paganism, and I really didn’t want to get on anyone’s bad side. (Aside: I really have to stop doing that.) So I was thinking, while watching the moon come up, about what actually felt right to me. What I did think. And I came to a weird, stunning, and somewhat obvious conclusion: they’re still on the spectrum, but to me, Sun and Moon aren’t the two poles. Sun and Earth are. Let me explain.

I mentioned in the Sun video — again, I think; editing tends to blur my memory through force of sheer repetition — that I have a rather scientific, astrophysical view on the Sun, that is, it’s a celestial body and does a lot for the Earth and our neighbors, and because I’ve studied stars and such from that really in-depth view I have kind of a hard time seeing it as magical. But it is. I’ve been trying to stick myself in the “Sun as Sunna” peg for a few weeks/months now and it’s not fitting for me. I still do see Sunna as her own thing, but the Sun is, in my view, something different. From an eastern-ish yin-yang kind of perspective, the Sun resonates Yang to me, which, in my mind, equates to roughly masculine. Which is possibly why I don’t see it as very magical, because I resonate very Yang as well, when I’m not being a moon baby. The key there is that the energy is familiar to me, and generally I regard the familiar as ‘mundane’ and the unfamiliar as ‘magical.’ A view that is slowly shifting as I actually delve deep into stuff. I’m still learning my way, here.

So with the Sun at the masculine pole, I would put the Earth at the feminine pole, rather than the Moon. Why? I call her, “Grandmother.” There are lots of UPG reasons for this but also I hear a lot of people saying “Our Great Mother” in reference to the Earth, and Grandmother seemed like not too far a mental leap for me. It turns out that it’s a right thing for me for all sorts of reasons but. The Earth — and here I refer to the Earth as our planet, rather than the element; there’s a difference in how I work there — is where we physically came from, where we can trace all our blood and bones and skin and everything else back to. The Earth is literally our ancestor, in a physical way. It could be argued that the Sun is too, if you go back far enough, but I try not to go back that far for the sake of my brain breaking at the implications. The Earth continues to support us, and the Sun continues to energize us. Thus, the Earth is feminine.

But then what do we do with the Moon? In my opinion, stick it right in the middle of the spectrum. Yup. There are multitudes of associations you could put to it of either gender. It could be linked to the menstrual cycle — a classically feminine thing — as well as the shape-shifting, passionate rage of the berserkergangr(or werewolves, if you wanna go there) — a classically masculine thing. The Moon slides between the binary in a fluid, ever-changing way, sometimes being both, sometimes neither, sometimes one or the other. I’d say, with the growing conscious awareness of the Sacred Third energy and non-binary people, having the Moon embodying that energy makes perfect sense, representative personifications and deities aside.



Tl:Dr: Sun as Sacred Masculine, Earth as Divine Feminine, Moon as Sacred Third. In my mind, anyway.

Your Thoughts

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