Aside: Etsy

Hey friends, quick aside.

What the heck am I gonna do with my Etsy? I have one, I just don’t have anything on it at the moment. I keep thinking I should make stuff and sell it, but I don’t know what I want to make. It could just be an assorted magical trinket shop, given that I’m kind of an all-over-the-place person. It could be the Nordic-styled equivalent of Ollivander’s Wand Shop, I suppose. My carving isn’t the most professional but it’s because I don’t have power tools. I have at least decent knowledge and relationship of/with the trees around my area, so I know what wood I’m working with most of the time and respect it as such. I could do rune and/or tarot and/or oracle spreads if I were to actually sit down and create my own (which is not a bad idea, actually, let me get back to you on that one). I’d do jewelry but unfortunately my hands, while tiny and strong, are a little too clumsy for it. And I don’t have any of the skill set(let alone the nose) required to make incense or candles or oil blends, so that’s out. I do have an Oracle deck of my own design that I’m slowly but surely working on in the background that I might put up on it, but that’s… that’s far-ish future. Within the next year or two if I manage to figure out what all the cards actually mean by then(I go about many things bass-ackwards and this is one of them. They all have basic meanings now but until I’m able to use them in a reading I won’t know all of their complexities for sure).

Currently my only plan is to figure out what sounds feasible and do it; it’s the figuring it out part that’s stumping me. That, and I have exactly zero idea how business on Etsy works from the actually business-ing end, so that‘s something I’ll have to learn. Hoping my Etsy-savvy friends might be able to lend some advice on that score. I plan to have some stuff in it and properly open it up in the spring or thereabouts, but nothing’s set in stone. I’ve got plenty of planning time ahead. What do you all think?

Another aside: I’ve recently “inherited” my mother’s old Rider-Waite deck and oh my dear sweet baby pickles it’s so cool. I say “inherited” because she’s not dead yet, thank Hel, but she doesn’t do tarot anymore so decided to pass it along to me. 1970’s edition. It’s already established itself as the “Grandfather” deck among my growing collection. I’m alright with this.

5 thoughts on “Aside: Etsy

  1. Yay!! Make stuffs!! You could even do your art there. Commissions, yes. But maybe some of your other stuff on Things. Like coffee mugs or t-shirts. I’D buy that!! 😀 Heck, why not a Caution:Loki is My Co-Pilot bumper sticker? 😉 I’d buy the heck out of that, too!!

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