Of Archers and Driving

Hello, friends.

In the Wildwood Tarot there’s a card called, “The Archer,” in place of the Chariot. Or, representing aspects of the Chariot. It’s all about directed focus, forward momentum, passion contained in the calm purpose of the shot. Thurisaz comes to mind, in that it’s a rune that can be used to focus emotion into laser-like precision. A rune I’ve been struggling with for a while, paired with a card that I’ve struggled with for almost as long.

I’ve never been able to focus. Never. Unless it’s something that I want to pour all of my energy and attention into, like art or writing. Either because of this or out of [irrational] fear that it might endanger me, I haven’t yet learned how to drive. I have a permit, of course. Have for years. I know the rules, but I just don’t have the experience necessary for a licence. I’ve never needed one, either. I walk everywhere. Or, I used to. I have friends in a different city now, and every once in a while, transportation issues will crop up and plans get canceled. Earlier this year my dad told me he’d pay for driver’s education and that there was a school in town that did private lessons for people who are over 18. Which, I am. (I do everything in my life bass-ackwards, as it were.)

Since that brief conversation and subsequent panic, the universe and all it’s agents have been smacking me over the head with the Archer. Images of Diana, Artemis, bows and arrows, javelins and throwing spears. All of them, aimed at the same thing: action. Purposeful action, taken to change a situation. The universe is telling me to, in the immortal words of Shia LaBeouf, “Just Do It.” Which is what I’m doing today. In the afternoon I have my first two hours of instruction with a driving teacher. I’m terrified, but the phrase, “the thing I fear contains the thing I need,” has never sounded so appropriate.

It sounds melodramatic and over-blown to be making such a big deal about something so many people do every day, but the lesson applies to many other things in my life as well. The arrow on the compass is pointing me through the woods, and in learning this one seemingly mundane skill, other paths will undoubtedly open, or I’ll forge my own. I do know a guy with a hammer, after all.

Speaking of following paths, I keep thinking I should follow Beth’s lead and do the Youtube Pagan challenge. I’ll have a bit of catching up to do at this point, but it’s something I could do to find my voice a little. Let me know what you think.

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