Rabbit Holes and Bear Tracks

Hello, friends!

It’s been a roller coaster of a week, for more than one reason. I got another book published on Wednesday, which was also the first day of Perthro’s half-month, and that’s when all of the weird started happening. If you’ve been around my blog for more than five minutes you’ll notice I’m not exactly the most sociable of people. Thus, “Being the Hermit.” Apparently life decided that I was going to step into a different role this week, because I’ve been out and about for the last two days straight, going into another few days of the same. For the last half-month or thereabouts, people have been coming to me to talk. Just, talk. Which…nobody ever really does. I’ve been happily replying as well, rather than my usual immediate reaction of, “*grumble mumble mrr* okay I’ll talk.” I’ve been catching up with an old friend, getting to know the ones I have a bit better, but the whole inundation of people was rather unexpected. No warning, just… *poof* people.

So, Wednesday. Early in the morning I got my book out on Amazon(it’s not really anything having to do with All This, I just write fantasy because I can) and not an hour later, after having decided that I wasn’t going to do anything that day that required me to sit in my chair and stare at the screen, Mutt called, asking if I was doing anything for lunch. We went out for lunch, walked around a park for a little while, talked about Pathfinder, and made crude jokes, it was nice. He gave me a bear-track pendant as a belated Yule-or-thereabouts present, and the surreal appropriateness of it was, well, surreal and appropriate.  He went on his way, I went on mine.

Yesterday, the old friend that I’ve been catching up with asked if I was doing anything for lunch. Well, of course not. I never just go out and do stuff, unless it’s with Bran. Old friend said he had someone he wanted me to meet(we’d been talking about her for a while, so it didn’t surprise me, but for the timing), so we all got together for a late lunch and a gab. I expected it to go something like this: we sit down for lunch, he and I crack a few jokes about Val, which she joins in on because of course he told her, and we get into a little discussion about magic and planes and whatnot(which was kinda why she wanted to meet me in the first place). I found out yesterday that I’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole, as it were, that I forget, sometimes, that “normal people” don’t… *gestures at blog in general* don’t this. Not to this extent, anyway. I’m honestly rather ashamed of myself that I didn’t realize, but when the old friend said she was, “kinda into energy work and stuff,” I assumed she had a bit broader of an understanding. We got to about the point in the conversation where I made mention of Val, and old friend gave me a weird look. Then the acquaintance gave me an even weirder look. I started to explain, and got about halfway through talking about different planes of existence before I realized she was completely lost.

Long story short(er), I am now much more aware of the meaning behind the phrase, “the more you work with Other, the more it Other’s you.” Other relevant quotes include: “the student chooses the teacher for whom they are ready,” and “I should not have said that” (-Hagrid). So far, I haven’t heard anything back, but we all left in kind of a confuse after my awkward attempts at explanation, and I honestly don’t expect anything. It was a humbling experience, if for no other reason than it reminded me how far I’ve gone off the beaten road. Which I’m alright with. I’ve never been happier or more at peace with myself in my life. This is where I’m supposed to be, off in the metaphorical/metaphysical wilderness, if you will. However, that little foray into miscommunication(thank you, Mercury Retrograde) reinforces how badly I need to practice talking to people about the basics, let alone all this *gestures at blog again.*

And then Odin came by, with Loki in tow, as often They do. They both reinforced the idea that I needed to meet her, I needed that weird, confusing-as-all-Helheim interaction, and that I’ve made some rather long strides since I started taking the weirdshit seriously. Odin remarked on the bear-track necklace that, “your friend has more talent than he thinks he does.”

Speaking of which, that’s where I’m off to today, to go play nice with Tentacles and the rest of my small tribe. By the time I get back, I have a feeling I’ll be rather exhausted. I already want a nap.

He gave me the metal pendant, but I added the beads, myself. I like wooden beads.

Mutt gave me the metal pendant, but I added the beads, myself. I like wooden beads.

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