From Val: Give Your Guides a Break

Hello friends!

A bit of background, as always: Val’s my blood-brother from Over There, as well as a sometimes-mentor. He’s also one of my close friend’s spirit guides(term used loosely and all three of us know that), so sometimes I end up having to be the owl in the room, so to speak. Unfortunately, Val can’t be in as many places at once as, say, Loki, so if he’s in a bit of trouble, I generally end up having to explain since Mr. Scales can’t bi-locate when he needs to concentrate on something. None of us mind, it’s part of the learning process since the friend in question is a bit Head-deaf at the moment, and we’re jointly trying to help him out with that, among other things. Val’s doing most of the heavy lifting though, and I’m generally around to answer the, “so…am I crazy?” questions.

The other thing here is that Val has an obligation to something that sometimes leaves him staggering into my room bruised all to hell and needing a reprieve for a few minutes while he gets his breath back. This happened the other day, he’s alright(he’s a tough bugger) but I was actively talking to the friend in question at the time. He was worried something had happened, and Val said(which I subsequently translated), “Give me a bit to heal up, but I’ll try to send over my better side soon as I can if he needs help.” To which the friend(who is much wiser than he seems at first glance) said something to the effect of, “Tell him not to rush, if this kind of thing is hard for him. I’ll be alright, just confused.” Val was relieved.

After a little while of healing and making rude noises at various YouTubers, Val left me with this conversation:

V: “You know, that kind of acceptance is rare, nowadays. A lot of people expect they can ask their guides and guardians to do whatever and it’ll happen instantaneously. Now, if you’re in panic mode and need someone to help defend, that I get. I will stop whatever I’m doing and zap over like I was here the whole time, but I can’t… That kid’s a good kid. He gets it. Not every guide or guardian or any other spirit is as powerful as what you’d call a deity. We can’t just drop everything and pulls strings, unless it’s an emergency. We can pull a few, yeah, but it takes time, and not everyone’s that patient. How long did it take me to find your hat?”

Me: “A week or so. I don’t know.”

V: *snicker* “Okay, well, that’s a bad example. Point is… give your guides a break. Especially if they’re like me. Deities, fine. They can do all sorts of things because they can be all over the place at once. If you’re working with the little guys, like me, we need time, sometimes. Sometimes shit happens and we can’t be there when needed. You know that better than a lot of people.”

Me: *points at arm* “You made up for it.”

Val: “Alright, true. And we do try to. Make up for our failures, that is. There are many out there who would see one of those times where we get caught up on something outside of our control and say, ‘ah, well, they must not have even existed or wanted to help me to begin with,’ and it’s not true. It’s… it’s Wyrd. It’s the Universe. Karma, whatever. We have shit happen just like everyone else. The more people that understand that, I think, the faster everyone will learn. The better we can all get along and stop ignoring each other. That’s why people have multiple guides, sometimes. If one’s busy, hopefully there’s another.”

Me: “Oh! That makes sense. Mind if I add another post to the ‘Val’s infinite wisdom’ page on my blog?”

Val: *laughing* “Hardly infinite, mostly a wise-ass, but sure, if you think it’ll help. Will you remember?”

Me: “Remind me in the morning, if you can.”

Val: “Fair enough.”


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