Fenrir is His Father’s Son

Hello friends!

First of all, my internal response to the last post I did was one of sudden muse-ness, and I’ve got an eleven-person art in the works, which is, for me, crazy. I also am feeling a bit better, having gotten back home finally and been able to sleep in my own bed, surrounded by my loverly wards and Frey. I was out traveling around for three days straight which is something I don’t usually do, and it was rather overwhelming on top of everything else. I’m alright now. Mostly.

So, over the weekend I had an interesting night with The Friends from this side of the fence, we all went out to dinner, it was nice. Friend, the one who got me into the mess with the shielding a while back and who I will call Mutt for now, had a chat with me trying to figure out what Odin meant when he told me to “lead my tribe.” And handed me Gungnir. It was rather odd. I’m 80% sure he didn’t hand me all of Gungnir, just a bit of its energy, but still. My current guess is that The Friends are my tribe, along with, say, Val. I have a hard time considering any deities to be part of anything I’m supposed to be leading, so I’m just gonna steer clear of that idea for the time being. It was a short conversation which ended up with me feeling a bit like the Drum Major for a very tiny marching band.

Mutt’s boyfriend, who will be referred to hereafter as Pup, and I had a different but equally interesting conversation that I caught little of, but which resulted in Loki and Val spawning in Tentacle’s basement(Tentacle will be my blog-name for another of The Friends) and making paying attention rather difficult…and then Fenrir decided to sneak in and sit down. Right next to Pup. He kept grinning at me like he knew something we didn’t, and I ended up hedging a guess that he wanted Pup’s attention. Why? Because he doesn’t ever show up for me.

Earlier, Mutt messaged me that Pup found this picture:


I am laughing my Asa off.

I’ve never seen quite so literal or obvious a sign in my entire life. Fenrir wants Pup’s attention, and is willing to borrow Thor’s hammer(or me, either one) to get it. He is just as much a troll as his daddy is. If not more so.

Thought I’d share because of reasons. I needed a laugh today.

5 thoughts on “Fenrir is His Father’s Son

  1. Oh man. When Fen trolls, He trolls. He’s gotten me a few times this week, in addition to swacking me upside the head with a Cosmic 2×4! Seems like He’s got stuff cooking for quite a few people! I may write about this Cosmic Headsmack, but I don’t know, since it involves another person. O.o

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