November Not-Blues

Hello friends!

No aim for this one, just updating. November tends to be the month where I get bogged with all sorts of stuff I wasn’t expecting, as well as some stuff that I was. I suspect this has something to do with Hagalaz and Nauthiz sharing this month. I figured I need to take a post to reconnect a little. Been feeling kinda distant lately as a result of all the stuff I’m doing and preparing for.

NaNoWriMo has been my main focus the past few days, and surprisingly enough I’m actually beating my dad for word count. Which to me is hilarious given that he’s a full-time author and I just do it because I’ve got a world that wants to be read. I have a feeling he’ll get few thousand words in edgewise over the weekend, because I’ll be doing stuff where I can’t write for long periods of time like I’m used to, but for now I’m winning. (I’m a competitive person. I get it from my Other dad.) The world that has bloomed out of a couple day’s worth of splatting words onto paper is giving me all of the “proud mother” feels, which is rather disconcerting but you know what? My fictional children are amazing people. Fox-butt is a cutie. Legion is still my favorite, though he is a bit of a creepy bastard.

Weirdly enough, now that the summer is more or less vanished at this point and my seasonal grossness is over with, I’m finally back on some kind of schedule, and most of that is actually because of the writing. Apparently, having long-term projects is good for me, and after the job I had for the first part of the year, I desperately needed some kind of cycle to latch onto. The creative cycle is a good one. (I imagined Odin on a motorcycle just now and almost snorted coffee out my nose. Thanks, Gramps!) It’s been a quiet, peaceful, relaxing couple of days, and I am so grateful for that. There are a lot of people who can’t just decide to sit down and write a book, and the fact that I can is something that I try not to take for granted. It’s my way of honoring my friends, my skill, and the talent that my family/Family handed down to me. My stories have, on the surface anyway, very little to do with what I write about on this blog, though some of you might catch the little hints here and there. It’s what I do besides draw, and it’s something I never thought I’d end up doing at all, let alone be on my third year of NaNo and have six books already published. Holy magic beans, Batman!

That said, Hagalaz despises too much peace, and I do have A Thing coming up this weekend. The capitalization is rather apt in this case actually. I feel like I’m going to be put through a trial. My nerd friends and I decided a few months ago to plan a startup for a Pathfinder group in their town, but having seen the dearth of faces that showed up to our trial run a few weeks back, as well as the actual location of this thing, I’m getting the suspicion that this is a project doomed for failure. Of course, that’s not going to stop the single extrovert in the group from trying anyway, and dragging the rest of us along with him. Val actually agrees with me. Loki’s being cagey about it but he doesn’t like this guy trying to run it at all and I tend to trust his judgement too. Heck, even Frey keeps saying(politely) that my time and energy would be better used elsewhere, and my friends’ probably would too. Still, we’re going to try again on Saturday and hope for the best. I don’t mean to be the dark cloud over this particular party but there’s a season for everything, and this is not it. Finals(or midterms? Idk) are coming up for the people still in school(who are, oddly enough, the target audience for the group) and they’re going to be tired and stressed thinking about that, Thanksgiving is coming up so people probably won’t be wanting to make commitments that they’ll have to bail on to be with family, and anyone doing NaNo and school will want the weekends to be able to sit down, get homework done, and then write the SNOT out of their stories! ‘Tis the season for trimming back obstacles, reflection, contemplation, and solitude. If we’re going to do this thing, we really ought to wait until spring, or early summer, when the kids will be out of school and looking for things to do so they don’t get bored. *sigh* Ranting, ranting, ranting. Sorry about that.

Aside from that, everything is going surprisingly well, now that I’ve gotten my head out of the summer fog. I actually had myself a proud moment yesterday: I walked into a busy fast-food place that I’d never been to before and managed not to panic and run away. It was a good moment! Of course, I had to giggle when I realized that the mantra keeping me from turning into a non-functioning pile of goop all over Brandon was the phrase, “Van Helsing doesn’t panic.” Apparently that character was good for me. I’ll make a post about stories and mantras another day, though, because Bran and I had a discussion about it afterward. Also, a post about why people don’t (usually) remember their past lives, and what happens when they do. Good ideas, good ideas!

Alright, back into Redgate with me. I’ve got another 5,000 words to write today and it’s going to be a dramatic chapter. Let’s do it.

(I’m not even sorry. XD It’s been a good week.)

Also, Val’s birthday is tomorrow(don’t ask how old he is. It’s a high enough number that he’s probably forgotten at this point). I should do something for him before I have to go deal with people.

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