Fathers and Sons

Hello friends!

Fair warning, I spilled UPG all over this post. Careful where you step. Could be messy.

Consider this my official, “Yes, this man IS my Father,” post.

So, a few weeks ago Bran came to me with a song he thought I might giggle at. “The Hammer’s Coming Down” by Nickelback. I giggled. Val giggled. Loki also giggled, and then he went, “Hey, you know what would be cool, since Doc Thunder is busy all the time? Make a cover of this song but have it sound like the Thor movie soundtrack.” I thought that was a hilarious idea, and suddenly had a violin part stuck in my head. Last week, after I got my Gabriel Van Helsing costume done for Halloween(which I had planned before Luce dropped all the wyrd on my head and it ended up being rather an appropriate costume, considering) I sat down with my trusty old, probably outdated at this point, version of Mixcraft and got busy. I am not a professional composer by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m not super-terrible either.

The song itself has been done for about a week, now, but about halfway through the horn line, I realized I was going to need cover art for it, otherwise I’d just get some random picture of who knew what when I tried to play it. An image came to mind, of Thor standing, hammer raised, in a thunderstorm. Then Odin popped into frame. Then the phrase, “Fathers and Sons” came to mind, and I realized I was about to make a very strange piece of art. This is what happened:

"Fathers and Sons"
“Fathers and Sons”

This is why I was being nervous about UPG a few minutes ago. Odin and Thor are obvious(and I’m very proud of that Mjollnir, btw!), but uh…I’m a little harder to explain. That’s me. Kinda. Obviously, I don’t have the wings or the scar across my face in my physical body, but, yeah. That’s me. I get my red hair from Thor, who is my soul’s father, and the berserker thing from Odin, who is my soul’s grandfather. The wings aren’t from either of them, nor from anyone I’m Blood(?!spirit-blood? IDK man, I’m having to make this up as I go)-related to. Those are a tale for another day, but they ended up in the picture anyway because…well, the Art demanded it, I guess. Maybe I wanted to draw wings, maybe I wanted to give form to the Shtuff that I’ve been ignoring for years on end. But there they are, and here I am, and I’m still a little proud of myself. Iron gauntlets are hard to draw, man!

And this is the Final Product:

So, yes, I have been waiting for this to be done before I posted anything, because it’s what I’ve been working on, outside of NaNoWriMo(which I’m 10,000-ish words into at this point). This, getting my Oaths in order, and parading around town as Van Helsing(which was awesome and fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat). This cover is my first gift to my Father, probably ever, definitely in this lifetime, unless you count my adorable repaint of a Thor pop figure in His likeness. It’s kinda special to me in that regard, and may be my best musical composition yet. The image that goes along with it was an experimental family portrait, so to speak, but the song is for Thor. We don’t have the best relationship, even now, but perhaps that’s due for a change. It’s the half-month of Hagalaz, and Hagalaz is my rune.

Quick bonus picture of me as Van Helsing, just for giggles:

Happy (late) Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Fathers and Sons

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. Nice to run across another person with Thor as their father of sorts. I imagine he got around fairly well at one point or another in his adventures. I’m still getting used to what I look like, on the other side, and my hair comes mostly from him too, though it’s more of a red-blonde due to my soul mother’s influence of sorts.

    I hope that your relationship with him can change for the better. Things have been weird for a while now over here, between him and I, but things happens sometimes, and they can always grow and change and evolve over time.

    Once again, thanks for sharing this with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome, and it’s good to see I’m not alone! I do hope things change as well, but as I understand he’s a busy guy. I’m not expecting a whole lot to happen super-fast, but, you never know. 🙂 Thank you for finding this, and speaking up. You made my day!


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