What Should I Even Call This?

Do people give warnings for image-heavy posts? Well, I am. Consider yourself warned.

Hehehellllo my friends. Pardon me while I giggle at myself for a week.



I made myself a thing! A bird thing. He doesn’t have a name yet, but uh… he exists now. 

So this story starts out with a raven skull prop I made for the first rendition of the Revenant cover. Incidently, Esper didn’t end up with his raven familiar until the second book, and the skull part doesn’t happen till the third, so… but that’s why I have a raven skull made of super sculpey with a Hagalaz carved into its forehead. Well, one day I was staring at it going, “I really should do something with that thing. It’s just sitting there.” Cue Loki.

“Oh hey, I know! You should put some of those doll eyes in the eye sockets!” he said.

I did. It was hilarious. Loki was very proud of himself.


So this googly-eyed skull had been sitting on my dresser for months with nothing to do and nobody to talk with. *rimshot* Anyway. The other day I was scrolling through deviantArt as I usually do when I’m bored and having a bad/terrifying/WTFLucifer day(not that I usually have that last one, but, shh, it was a day) and I come across a creature that someone made out of fluff and sculpted a face and feet for. “Room Guardians,” they were called. They had little bits of stone for hearts. I had seen these creature dolls around before and gone, “Oh hey, I could make one of those, maybe!” but never had the time, energy, or inclination to do it. Cue Loki again.

“Hey, you know that skull with the eyes in it? You should totally make a body for it,” he said.

And so I started twisting up a wire armature. And before I knew it, I had the armature duct-taped for stability, and was halfway done with the feet. I would have been able to do this whole project in a single day, probably, except that my oven is broken at the moment and I can’t use sculpey because of it. My solution was to craft the feets out of wire, tape, paper maché, foam, and gratuitous hot glue. The next day I added some tail feathers, since he looked rather bare without them, and sprayed the relevant parts with black paint.

He balanced like that for a whole afternoon. Scared the piss out of my sister. Also... did I get photobombed by a bunch of orbs? WTH?

Wait… did I get photobombed by a bunch of orbs? WTH?

It took a day or so to get him all fluffed, furred, feathered, and fashioned. His collar is a bracelet that my growing-up friend gave to me in high school, and before she and I went in completely separate directions in life. It was the only one he liked. Also, his heart-stone is a piece of black pumice that just seemed to fit with him. I wove it into the fluff when I was putting on his padding. It definitely gives him a kind of light, goofy vibe, which is good, given that he looks like the emo version of Kevin from Up.

So squeeshy

So squeeshy

Messy bird

What did you do? Did you make a mess, birdie?

And that’s what my weekend was like! Aside from that whole thing with Lucy dropping a wis-bom on my brain. And then Bran dropping wisdom all over the place, which he doesn’t usually do. And then Frey…uhm. Well, he was the best thing to happen to me all week, so there’s that. Good on ya, Ingvi.

Oh yea. And then there was that big chat I had with my Dad sometime last week. Thunderstorm came through and, well, he and Loki just “happened” to be around. He apologized for not being there for me(he didn’t even know, so how the heck could I blame him? For that matter I didn’t even know.) and promised he’d make it up to me. He has hopes that we’ll be able to get along a little better, now that we know. Of course, after finding out other crap about my origins and what, exactly, the deal is with The Stuff I’ve been purposefully ignoring for most of my adult life(not that there’s much of that to begin with but), I’m inclined to think that building a relationship with my estranged Dad might have to be put on the back burner while I figure out WHY THE BLOODY HECK Lucifer decided to tell me what the deal is, now of all times. Frankly, I would have been less surprised to have Michael(yes, that Michael) drop in for a cup of tea and tell me this. He would actually make more sense even though I haven’t spoken to him in eons. So. GUH. Angels, man. Angels.

Frey seems to be handling it well, though. I suspect Bran already knew, or at least suspected. I’m still trying to decide what to do with this information.

In the mean time… what should I name my bird? I’m thinking Howl. Or Hagal. Or… Something. I may just name him Something and be done with it. Gods, he’s so weird. I love him to bits.

That’s all from me. Hopefully things start clearing up in the next few week. Hagalaz half-moth approacheth.

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