Beginning to Hate Wunjo

Hello friends.

Okay. So. The Universe is being a dick It’s currently the runic half-month of Wunjo, which I didn’t realize, which means that basically All The Things seem to be smacking All The People, All At Once. Is it just me? It might just be me. I’m getting smacked with all sorts of Fate-Foo and Wyrd-Chi and other variants of such. Someone just decided to drop by and smack a giant WTF bomb right on my head regarding something I thought a mystic got wrong, so I’m having a bit of a “Why me and are you fucking kidding?” attack right now. Let me explain. A little. The Wunjo part at least.

A highly appropriate gif, to be sure.

A lot of people think of Wunjo as a feel-good rune. And it is, to a certain extent. It’s a connection to the Gods, the Other, and the Wyrd, and sometimes… that connection comes all at once. Wunjo is a very hard rune to grasp, since it’s not only multi-faceted but those facets are kinda funky. It’s a rune that brings one’s Wyrd into fruition with lots and lots of firepower, Mythbusters style, and the longer you sit on in, the more troubles come to the fore, all at once. I’ve been in a rut the past few days because I’ve been struggling with a bunch of life-long unlearned lessons, and things I have difficulty grasping. Like, asking for help, reaching out to people/People, not blaming myself for things, taking time to heal myself, worrying that I’m not doing enough, or that I’m crazy. That kind of thing. I started a project(oh gods, it’s amazingly weird. There will be pictures) to get my mind off of things so that the Issues could percolate, and they have, for the most part. And now, Big Bold and Shiny downstairs has given me something else to think about, the connections for which have been slowly crunching into place in my hindbrain, but which I’ve been trying to ignore for Reasons. Not the least of which being all the crap I found out from Hyndla and how utterly fucking contrary to all that this new concept is. (Val says she might not be able to See into other pantheons, and she definitely wouldn’t be able to See if someone was an Emanation or something, so… *failing hopelessly*) Okay, maybe not so contrary if certain variables are present but still. Why. Me. Christ on a bike. I’m losing my mind over here.

The thing is… what He said explains a lot. And there is far too much evidence for me to ignore. Why He knows? I dunno. He may have picked it up during the short, initial conversation that basically consisted of, “dude… why the Demon ban in your room? It’s kinda in bad taste.” The answer to which being that demons make me kinda twitchy. Which… *sigh* I mean if this whole wyrd-ass cupcake ends up being true, could be explained away by an eons-long ingrained instinct.

All that said, we are moving from the end of one Aett-period into the beginning of the next, which will start with the half-month of Hagalaz on the 28th. Which is also right next to the full moon, and the first of Reed. Oh boy. And it’s close to Samhain. Even better! Ahhh, I can feel life spinning out of the realm of the Known as we speak. I’m going to either enjoy this greatly or be hanging onto my underpants hoping I don’t get thrown off the ride. Fuck me. This should be fun.

Sorry this was a bit of an odd one. I’ve been all mopey for the last few days and this is the first thing to kick me off my butt so far, so… *shrug* I needed to just ramble, I suppose. Get out my complete and utter disbelief at this situation. OH and then there’s this whole thing with my dad being out of town and me having to be the man of the house and deal with my mother. This week has been a real charmer.

I’m going to go Hermit for a little while, sleep(hopefully) and probably do an arseload of research and divination to make sure I’m not crazy and that Mr. Bigwings is actually right. So far, Val corroborates him. That scares me. *sigh*

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