Runic Illumination, Struggling with Thurisaz, and 100 Follows

Hello, friends! Looks like you’ve grown in number since the last time I saw you.

[Insert “I have an army” joke here.]

I honestly didn’t realize I was approaching the 100 mark until I logged on and saw the notification, so I’m a little flabbergasted at the moment. It’s not that I didn’t think I’d ever reach that many, but it’s not one of those things I think about regularly. I’m glad you all enjoy my weird-arse ramblings as much as I do, if not more. 😀 Thank you, friends! You motivate and inspire me.

Now. I don’t think I’ve ever brought this up on my blog before, which is a darn shame, but I’ve been working on a series of Runic Illuminations(talk about anachronistic. Good lordy.) for about… ehhhh, a good half a year now or thereabouts. I’ve done two. Fehu and Uruz.

Fehu Illumination Uruz Illumination

I put Fehu up on my deviantArt on May 7th, and Uruz on July 6th. So, a couple months apart. I had a decent idea in my head for both of them, ran with it, and there they are. I’m quite proud of them, really, although I definitely see spots where I could have done much better, particularly with the knotwork. Though, given that these two were my second and third times trying Illuminated Manuscript style ever I think it worked rather well!

Thurisaz is being…thorny. I’ve had it sitting around for several months and brought it out today to see if I could come up with something. I got some thorns drawn, but the part I’m struggling with is something I don’t usually struggle with: the human figure. Obviously, the people in these illuminations are stylized, somewhere near the point where realism, anime, and pure symbolism collide with each other, and it’s not a style I do often. There’s a particular figure I want to draw in the Thurisaz illumination: Thor. He’s being rather problematic, though. First of all because I’m working with a weird space and smaller scale than I’m used to, but also… I don’t know Thor very well. Which some(including me) may find weird given my relation to him. I mean, I know this depiction of him doesn’t have to be perfect, since it’s stylized as it is, but the key thing I’m trying to do is capture the energy of the thing. So, not knowing Thor’s energy, similar though it may be to my own, is a bit of a problem. I’m more Hagalaz than Thurisaz, as it turns out. And I’m not about to call him up and ask for his input because, well…there’s really nothing there. We just don’t talk. *shrug* And I don’t really mind, either.

It’s becoming clear to me that Thurisaz has an energy that I’ve dealt with before and don’t work well with. It’s very fiery, and very masculine, and the last time I dealt with a person who fit that description, it was to tell him, “shove off and good riddance.” I’m going to try to finish the picture anyway, since I want to attempt an entire Aett, at least, and it’ll be awesome to have once it’s done, but OMG it’s so frustrating. Grr. Thorny runies.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at today. Thank you again for hitting this milestone with me. It was an awesome surprise, and after spending an hour or three struggling with a tiny(and still unfinished) Thor, it was an amazing thing to see. You all made my day! Hugs for everyone! Unless you’re shy, in which case… handshake? High five. Something. Cookies maybe.

Back to work with me!

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