I Had an Angry (Art Post & Explain)

Uh… hi.

So, this happened this morning:


I have a weird skill: using the emotional craziness and intensity of being a berserker to make art. Basically, using something in a way it was (probably) never intended to be used. That’s how I can make really happy and lively pictures like the one I posted yesterday, and how I get all of the crazy-smile characters to look legitimately crazy and/or terrifying. I know and have experienced a wide range of emotions, very deeply, so some of that usually bleeds into my art. Especially if I’m feeling it at the time. So I try not to work on, say, commissions when I’m super-sick, super-angry, or super-sad, because they end up looking kinda blah.

Today, Bran pissed me off. On accident, unfortunately. I ended up going off on him a little which I deeply regret doing, but at the same time I was so pissed that nothing that usually calms me down was working. So I decided to exercise a bit of control(kinda) and just took a moment to breathe. It actually didn’t make the problem any better, but at least it gave me enough time that I decided to vent everything out on a virtual canvass rather than by punching something. Always good.

I have never in my life done art in the middle of a rage. I’m honestly surprised that anything cohesive came out of it at all. After I calmed down a little bit I looked back at it and amazed myself with how much texture and color I used. It… actually this may be one of my better pieces, which is boggling my mind. There’s a primal sharpness to it that I’ve never been able to get in any of the other times I’ve tried to make an angry picture. And this was all on one layer. I never do that. Never.

I could analyze the ever-loving smokes out of this but I’m just gonna leave it here and wander away in amazement. I dunno what else to say.

Enjoy some berserker art, I suppose?

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