Wisdom From My Mentor

Hello friends!

So, Val(you remember him, right?) gave me a wee crash course in galdr and speech-craft earlier—since that’s something I’ve always wanted to know how to do, and he was bored—and I ended up singing parts of a bunch of Wardruna songs, since some of them have rune names in them and I know the lyrics off the top of my head. We practiced galdr a little bit, I really got the hang of it on one particular song, and he told me to go take a break, do laundry, get lunch, etc.

While I was making lunch I heard this little whisper of the song in the back of my mind and went, “what the crap now it’s stuck in my head.” Val came back with, “actually, you’re hearing your own echo.” Now, I’m still a little new to everything, so I didn’t know that was possible. I asked him if I could hear other people’s echoes as well, and he said this:

“Not really, no. That’s the thing about working with wyrd, it’s like tossing pebbles into a lake, in a way. If someone like, say, Beth, decided to throw a boulder in, you might be able to pick out a few ripples, but they’d blend in with the waves in the rest of the water, because she’d be throwing it in from some other part of the lake. If you threw a pebble in, you’d see the ripples because you know where the rock landed. If you were standing next to Brandon while he was throwing a rock in, you might be able to get his echoes as well, because you’d see where he tossed the rock. But that’s the other thing, even if you’re standing very close to someone, you have to be actively watching the water to pick out the ripples.

The other side of this is that echoes are a vibration, and everyone has their own specific one. Mine is different from yours, is different from Bran’s, is different from Odin’s. So if you send something out, you’re much more like to find your own echo because you’re already tuned to your own frequency. Naturally. Bran, if he’s next to you and knows you did something, could probably attune himself to your frequency in order to look for your echo, but he wouldn’t hear it naturally.

So, with that in mind, if you think about you and Frey, or you and anybody you do magic with, it’s more like you’re playing with each other’s harmonics, rather than actually matching wavelengths. If you work well with someone, like you and he obviously do, it creates a kind of metaphysical music. A duet. If you were to try working with someone you desperately don’t get along with, like me and Odin, it would sound completely off-key and gross. If you get a bunch of people working together, as long as it’s toward a main, agreed-upon goal, even if there are a couple people who don’t harmonize well, the general tone will be sufficient and even create more harmonics out of the sympathetic vibrations. That’s what makes big, group-spells work. Everything is music.

That’s kinda of what the Hunt is doing, actually. *snicker* We’re like one bigass, badass marching band.”

So, there you have it, wisdom from one Vanic dragon. For those of you concerned, I did ask him if I could post this, since I know some spirits/Deities/etc. are a bit concerned about oversharing, but he said yes. Even reviewed it for errors. I, for one, find this kind of stuff endlessly intriguing. I think it’s the scientist in me. Val thinks I’m adorable nuts amusing.

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