Highlands Festivities

Hello friends!

It was a nice, quiet weekend for me. Other than the family of Scotts and Ires I was staying with. I went up with Bran and his family to the Highlands Festival in Estes, and we all had a blast. I didn’t get many pictures from the actual festival, I was more focused on enjoying it, but I did get a bunch of pictures while we were up at the cabin. Mostly wildlife. For instance, a big elk and his lovely ladies came through about ten feet from the cabin just as we were arriving, and sadly I didn’t get pictures of them either. But it was impressive, and a warm welcome back to the hills from the locals. I even got to hear an elk bugling for the first time in my life! I was very excited! And I did get a picture of that!

Highlands 2015 1


We also found a lovely little river down the hill from the cabin and across a horse trail. It was a friendly little stream, but really, really cold. I stuck my hand in it. I probably should have expected that from a mountain stream but oh well.

Highlands 2015 3

That’s Bran, btw. Sitting on his rock. I call him my deer.

Highlands 2015 5

I stole his rock.

Highlands 2015 2

Happy little river.

On our way back up the mountain from the river, we managed to spot some wild turkeys. I caught a picture of them as they made their meandering escape.

Highlands 2015 4

Lest you wonder where the dinosaurs went.


Like I said, I didn’t get any picture while I was actually at the fairgrounds, but there was plenty of excitement! Started out right inside the gate, where two ravens were sitting next to each other on the fence. Later on I got to see a Great Horned Owl and a Swainson’s Hawk up close and personal, both adorable cuties. Although the owl looked like he want to go back to bed. I got a couple things of interest, including a wooden wolf head necklace(the Feels were Reals with that one), and a t-shirt with a celtic design of two ravens on it from Jen Dylenth’s Celtic Art Studio. Later on we watched part of the heavy armor jousting, including the part where one of the guys(Charlie Andrews I think) knocked another guy’s armor off. YES. He hit the clasp on the guy’s shoulder and the entire front, back, and guard plates came off. It. Was. Awesome.

So, yeah! Fun weekend, but I’m tired. People exhaust me. I’m going to go drink a lot of tea now and wrap myself up in Pathfinder campaign planning. Quiet time is nice time.

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