Some Changes

Hello, friends!

I’m making a few changes for the sake of reasons. Not many. I’m moving all of my book stuff to The Tales of E.J. Lowell because I want to work on my brand there a little, and because Being the Hermit has become less of a writing blog and more of a… well, this. I’ll keep the tarot stuff and such, but I’m going to go through and change some stuff. Outside of wordpress I’m going to change all of my “get the books” links over so that people who read my stuff aren’t going to end up here and get scared away by the Weirdshit.

I’m also going to start going by something other than my professional name here, although I’m still trying to decide what. For now I’m going back to calling myself the Hermit. Again, this is because I want to keep the books and my life separate for now. I may be just paranoid, but I have a feeling that if I wait too long to do this, the complications are going to be…immense. Let’s go with immense. If you know me, you can still call me by name, I don’t mind, but if people go searching for my books I don’t want them ending up here anymore.

Obviously I’m still going to be posting over here, and I might even plug my books every once in a while when I put up new ones, but given that they have very little to do with anything I blog about nowadays, it seems only appropriate to move them.

Quick little update, I’ll see you soon!

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