Hello, my friends.

Feeling a little snarly at the moment, read as: I’m gonna fucking scream if I don’t let off some of this anger somehow so forgive my lack of proper language.

So that’s why. That’s why Odin looks like he’s ready to rip someone’s eyes out. That’s why the smell of rot and death and kerosene has been permeating the air. That’s why Val’s back, and why he’s willing to put aside his grudge and fly with the Hunt. THAT is why half the spirit-workers, shamans, psychics, berserkers and people with any kind of inclination toward those paths, aware of it or not, in this city have been depressed, anxious, angry, tormented, and deeply, deeply unhappy. That is why I haven’t been able to sleep without waking up covered in sweat and ready to claw someone’s arm off, sometimes my own. That, my friends, is what’s going on.

That’s what Odin is asking me to do. The Wild Hunt is out for blood. And I’d be more than happy to get some of it on my claws if it means those bastards get stopped, somehow. I don’t know what I can do, other than work my ass off to prepare for winter, and spread the word around, but you best believe that this Wolf of Odin isn’t gonna sit around and do nothing while our world gets fucked up by people with no respect or honor.

A friend of mine made a wonderful post, much more hopeful than my angry ranting, which you should go look through if you’re lacking ideas and want to help. Which you do. Everyone wants to save the world, at least a little. We’re going to.

They’ve made us angry. And they wouldn’t like us when we’re angry.

4 thoughts on “Oh.

  1. Oh yeah, they’ve done it now. It’s ON.
    You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if their deity hasn’t already met with Odin & Co. and said, “These guys aren’t mine. They’re bozos, and I can’t get through to ’em. Time to call in the Brute Squad.” Well, we ARE the Brute Squad. All of u/Us!

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