The Strange Case of My Salmon Allergy

Hello, my friends!

This generally shocks anyone who knows that my parents come from Maine, but I am allergic to salmon. Not as allergic as I am to a certain obscure nut that often gets shoved under the “tree nut” label(that was a bad day) but still. I can’t eat it. I won’t die if I eat a little bit, but it makes my stomach do unfortunate things. And it makes my mouth feel weird. So, there’s that. However, I can still eat other finned fish like cod and tuna, both of which I actually quite enjoy, so it’s… weird. Like, why salmon? Why just salmon? It’s something I’ve thought about a lot over the course of my admittedly short life thus far…

And then I took a trip to Vanaheim. As it turns out, way back when I was in my first incarnation as a half-elf—which is a rather awkward story, the details of which I’m still not quite sure about—I ended up getting sorted into the Serpent tribe for a while, and did some work with the Dragons, the nature of which nobody over there has shared with me, other than that whatever I was doing ended up being much too hard of a job for me at the time(although I do retain one certain skill from my time with them, which may have more to do with how they replaced my arm than anything). So they repatriated me to the Salmon tribe. The Salmon Tribe. Some of that I actually do remember, which was why I started looking into Vanaheim in the first place.

So, the question is, coincidence, or not? I don’t usually believe in coincidence but this just seems like one of those, “correlation does not equal causation” moments. Still, it’s kinda funky, and a bit humorous, at least on my end. So, I figured I’d share.

Heh. Just keep swimming.

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