Odin Being Demanding and Other Current Events

Hello friends,

I haven’t for Frey in the last couple of days, I’ll get back to it as soon as possible, but Odin has been rather adamant that I Get This Shit Done Now. Whacking me over the head with Gungnir would not be too strong a description for what’s going on. So here’s a little bit of my story at the moment:

Odin’s the one who was sending the Owls. I’ve had several dreams where he and an owl both show up — usually a snowy owl, actually, but we don’t get those around here so I guess he’s been improvising — so it just sorta fell into place. He’s been trying to get me to leave my job for at least a month, if not more. When I asked him about it he said, “Yes. Leave. You’ve learned what you came here for, and now you need to go somewhere else before your wolf gets too restless.” Long story short on that, I’m a berserker, and have been for quite a few lifetimes. Odin calls me one of his Wolves, I’m not sure what significance that holds, but there it be. For those of you who don’t know what a berserker is, I basically am like the Hulk. I have a limit to the amount of what I can make my body do before I snap and decide to get all growly. I’ve reached that limit before, so I know what it feels like, and Odin is right. I’ve gotten to the point some days when I show up to work and just want to punch the boxes, and I’m so tired physically from the work, and mentally from trying to stay focused, that I end up doing weird shit anyway. Like, snarling when I’m trying to lift things I normally shouldn’t be able to lift. There’s one guy who’s seen me do that, and he’s honestly scared of me now. We get along great, other than that. I may end up missing him.

Today I gave my boss the obligatory 2-week’s notice. Not just because Odin told me to, either; after much thought I realized that I just can’t take the workload as well as I thought I could and remain sane or healthy. Whatever the Allfather might call me, I’m not cut out for that kind of job. Boss-man was rather understanding, and even sympathetic, which I found a bit odd considering that he’s working his way through military training outside of being our boss, and that can’t be easy. Of course, the fact that I didn’t question whether or not he was being sincere is a testament to how much I have actually learned here.

In the meantime, I’ve finally followed every other person who’s ever met me’s suggestions to open up art commissions(more information here, if you want to help support me), so I’ve been doing those as well as playing a lot of Skyrim, in order to get a little better at getting into a character’s mind. I’ve got a journal mod installed, so it’s giving me practice writing while I rethink the story that I thought was going to be All’s Well in Asgard. Because I got 30,000 words in and it just sorta fell apart. So lest one think I’m not working, I am, just creatively. 😀 I’ll stop playing again when All the Ideas happen. That’s how I roll.

So that’s my life right now, shit be weird, or wyrd in some cases, and I’m just trying to pull myself back out of the Great Bog of Fatigue in order to do anything productive. With that, I’ll bid you all adieu and hopefully talk again soon.

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