August for Frey – Day 5

5. Members of the family – genealogical connections

So. I’ve not had very much interaction with most of Frey’s family, canon or otherwise, so this may be a little bit of a stumpy post.

Nerthus – Frey’s mother, Vanic earth goddess of bogs, purification, boundaries, and the arcane consequences of screwing with shtuff you don’t understand, particularly where nature and the natural order are concerned. She keeps her face veiled because to look upon it is death. I’ve never met her, and Frey doesn’t speak much of her, at least not to me.

Njord – Frey’s father, god of ships, sailing, fishing, and all sorts of other watery business! He’s more of a mediator than Aegir, who is basically all of the wild parts of the sea. He’s on good terms with pretty much any and all of the sea and river deities, being an excellent diplomat, and they tend to calm the waves for him when he sails. He was married to Skadi for a brief time, but they didn’t like where each other lived and ended up calling for a friendly divorce. I’ve only heard whispers from him, but he reminds me in some ways of my own father, who grew up in Maine and served in the coast guard for a while, and so also has links to the sea. He also writes about sailing ships in space, so, my father and Frey’s father have some things in common. I feel like I know him without having known him, you know?

Freyja – His twin sister, and sometimes wife. In my experience, she’s not his identical twin. In fact, she appears to me as brilliantly dark, Frey’s opposite, almost. She still shines with her own beauty, her eyes are like moonlight on clouds though her hair is dark, and she is terrifying. As a goddess of love, she is gentle and caring toward all things, helpful to those that need help, and kind. As a goddess of war she is driven, stoic, cold, and calculating, much like a large cat. As a Seidhkona — which was how and why she appeared to me — she is utterly dark, and utterly blinding at the same time. She knows many of the universe’s secrets, and knows the soul of the one whose eyes she looks in. And she is powerful beyond measure in her mastery and ownership of Her Self.

Sigyn – Well here’s a surprise. Njord fostered the orphaned Sigyn, which makes her Frey’s foster-sister. I’ve seen a couple of her facets, both the compassionate, even slightly innocent face and the face that I like to call, Sigyn of the Strong Arms. She seems to embody the phrase, “do no harm but take no shit.” I don’t know her story so much, but she’s a peach, and cares for Loki more than anything in the world. Even if he’s being an ungodly derp.

Gerda – The beautiful daughter of two jotunns, and Lady of the Garden. She grows herbs — both wild and domestic — where Frey grows crops. She comforts women who have had miscarriages and abortions, and doesn’t judge, having to keep herself barren to avoid having any offspring bound by the same contract that holds Frey hostage. She and Frey are even more opposite than Frey and Freyja. As gods of marriage, she and Frey bless those who are gainsaid by others, those who are ostracized because of who they love. I would call upon them both should I ever get married to my Bran, who is both my opposite and my morning star(he’s Luciferian, lulz). I’ve never met her personally, but Frey smiles whenever he talks about her, and glows a little brighter.

Hnoss and Gersemi – Freyja’s daughters, and Frey’s nieces. Not much is known about either of them.


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