August for Frey – Day 1

1. A basic introduction of the deity.

This is how Frey appears to me! Actually, this picture is rather old, but He still looks roughly the same in my mind.

Frey, or Yngvi-Frey, or Freyr, or Ingvi, or however you call him, is one of the Vanir gods of the general Norse pantheon. He’s an honorary Aesir even though he’s from Vanaheim – in fact some people consider him to be Aesir outright who haven’t heard of him before – and was one of three hostages at the end of the Aesir-Vanir war, the other two being Freyja, his sister, and Njordr, his father. he is generally considered to be a god of the harvest, good weather, and abundance, though he, like all deities, has many facets, some shown to many, others to only a few people.

He is the ruler/guardian of Ljosalfheim, since the gods gave the realm to him as a teething gift. How one can “give a realm” is beyond me, but hey! I’m not a god. Frey also rides the shining, dwarf-made boar Gullinbursti and has a ship that can be folded up and carried in a pouch when not in use. He has several servants, Skirnir, Byggvir, and Beyla, none of whom I have ever met, and thus will probably not be mentioned often. Frey is also known for his magic sword. *ahem* The one he gave away in order to win the jotunn Gerdr’s affections. Well, okay, that one too, but, he did have a magic sword at one point that would fight at the will of whomever was wise enough to command it.

Frey has always been one of the more popular gods, but with the advent of the Marvel movies, he seems to have fallen slightly out of his usual favor. Also, I’ll be perfectly honest, I thought Fandral was supposed to be Frey when I first saw the Thor movie. Frankly, in my experience, he’s a sweetheart, and is generally friendly even to those who are first starting out along the less-trodden spiritual paths and have absolutely no idea what they’re supposed to be doing, or how much propriety one should approach a deity with. *points at self* He’s peaceful, laid-back, and kind. Being an artist myself, I can see that he has an artist’s eye for beautiful things, and appreciation for wonder. To me, he seems to be less intimidating than Thor, less troubled than Tyr, and less freakishly intense than his sister, Freyja. He has a love of laughter rivaled only by Loki, and a love of things not voiced about in polite company rivaled only by…well, Loki again.

If I were to saddle him with domains and epithets, I’d call Frey a god of agriculture, harvest, natural beauty, love of all kinds, peace, and prosperity. He’s been known to help clear away a bad storm in case of emergency, so he could also be considered a bringer of good weather. Frey is also a god of sacrifice for the greater good, spilling blood and walking the cold, dark Hel-road for the bounty of the harvest to continue. In this way, he is also a sort of companion for other walkers of Helvegen, a warm face to keep them company on the long journey. At least, for part of the way.

3 thoughts on “August for Frey – Day 1

  1. Ah, Fandral as Freyr… it never occurred to me! Perhaps Marvel did somewhat base their character on Him. Smooth, suave, debonair, good with a sword? Not too far of a stretch. (Also not to mention that both actors filling the role are very easy on the eyes.) 😉

    I’m doing a small Freyfaxi ritual this evening. So, Happy Freyfaxi! 😀

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    • *flails* Freyfaxi is a thing?! Dude! I didn’t know that! (as Frey laughs his buns off in the background) Happy Freyfaxi! 😀
      So I also didn’t realize that Fandral had a different actor in Dark World so I looked him up and *squee* that guy looks even more like Frey than the first guy did!

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