If You Think Your Gods Don’t Care

Hello, my friends!

In case you think your gods don’t care about you, They do. If They didn’t care about Their devotees, They wouldn’t have them. Trust me. Even the most curmudgeonly of the deities will let you know He’s there when you’re having the brain weasels(to steal a phrase from Nono).

Case in point: A couple weeks ago, I had a rather nasty run in with some bros claiming to be Asatruar, or Odinists, not sure which. Brosatru. Those guys who think Loki isn’t worthy of being a deity and that black people can’t be Norse, among other awkwardness. Anyway. Had a run in, made a comment like, “and I will lay upon you a flyting that would make the Allfather Himself proud,” and got the comment back, “well, seeing as Odin doesn’t care about this…” which, for some reason, started giving me the doubts. First off, I was angry at this particular group of people already, and ended up deleting my comment to save my own sanity from further interaction, but for some reason, the idea that Odin didn’t care got stuck in my head. I kept telling myself, “people change, gods change too,” but wasn’t quite believing myself. I about broke down when I asked the folks Upstairs about it and got no answer. Of course, I was so distressed with the context of the argument that my astral radio was more or less broken.

The next day I saw crows. Murders of crows. Everywhere. Online, in person, on logos for shtuff that I was stocking at work, etc. I even saw a journal with, “everything is connected,” on the cover. I was laughing when I walked out of work and about a dozen massive crows flew into the parking lot. I honestly didn’t know there were that many in Greeley. I had also asked Bran to come over and be my emotional support animal for a while, and he’d told me the night before that he got me something. Turns out, that something was a pop figure of Odin. I actually cried when he gave it to me. I promptly made him a tiny floppy hat and cloak, and now he sits up on top of my bookshelf next to Thor.

Yes, I repainted Thor's hair. If I ever find a Loki, Imma repaint his hair too!

Yes, I repainted Thor’s hair. If I ever find a Loki, Imma repaint his hair too!

This continued for the next couple of days. Crows coming to watching me walk home, ravens appearing on my Facebook feed, even going back through some of Loki’s Little Hippie Witch’s posts and finding this lovely interaction between her and Mani. Odin kept sending me these little nudges until I finally sat down, smiled, and said, “yes, They do care.” So, if ever you’re in doubt, watch for the little things. They do care, and They are there.

5 thoughts on “If You Think Your Gods Don’t Care

  1. Ugh, I have a friend that calls those kinds of folks Asshatru. I went to a group gathering of Heathen types a few weekends ago. Someone said something about Loki that could have been taken as snide. I opened my mouth to say something, but the conversation changed before I could say a word. Someone else said something unkind about wolves (and there I was wearing my Fenrir necklace with the wolf bones on it). Again, I started to say something, but didn’t get the chance. I think They arranged it so I wouldn’t take the opportunity to stick my foot in my mouth and look stupid. I’m not very good with verbal altercations, so although I really wanted to defend Loki and Fenrir, it was probably in my best interest to keep my mouth shut. Haha! 🙂

    Yes, They care. Don’t let some jackholes try to say otherwise. Those signs were no coincidence. And that. Is. Awesome. XD

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    • Asshatru. XD That’s the best. Yeah, I was in one of those moments where I was going to lash out regardless, and only afterword realized that keeping my mouth shut would have been a better idea. I have a jotunn’s temper sometimes, no matter how much I look like an elf. 😛 It’s greeaaat.

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  2. Those Brosatru folks had me questioning the deities as well. They say that the gods don’t care about a single individual but that they care about a group. Because, apparently, on this planet of 7 billion people, an arrogant group of 10 should make so much more difference to the gods, according to their logic. Ugh. Their reasoning is stupid. Nevertheless, the mere quantity of people calling on the gods did leave me questioning how much they care and I thought about it for some time (wrote about it too) and came up with my own satisfactory explanation. Really, though, it doesn’t matter how they can interact with us, or why they do – it only matters *that* they do. That’s a pretty awesome experience you had.

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    • Thanks. 🙂 My rationale is something along the lines of, “If you’re not willing to listen, of course they wont talk,” when it comes to figuring out why They interact with some people and not others. Usually I figure it’s because the Asshatru – which is the greatest thing I’ve heard all day – don’t want to be told that things change. That, and because everyone has a different way of communicating, sometimes the signs go unrecognized (I’ve done that too).


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