Owl Update

Hello my friends!

So. Remember how in Figured Out the Owl I said I’d keep my ears open? Well, I’ve been keeping them open, and having listened to and compared a bunch of owl calls, I can say for certain what kind of owl has been following me. I heard it again this morning, and it is, without any doubt in my mind, one of these:

Seeing the inside of its wings, I can see why I thought it was a Barn Owl at first.

Yes! A Great Horned Owl! Which is one that I’ve seen before, too, back when I was a wee squirt. I’ve also dreamed about them, which is fun. Nothing like having a massive bird of prey perched on an un-gloved arm. Ouch.

Here’s the fun part, though: Great Horned Owl is apparently the spiritual counterpart of Red Tailed Hawk, which has been one of my fylgjur (is that the correct usage of the term? IDK.) I suppose, for years now. Years. And now I’ve been seeing/hearing Owl regularly for the three/four months I’ve been walking to work in the dark, even had a fly-by from one once. Which means that I seem to have found both the yin and yang of my animal guides.


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