July for Loki – Window Seat

Hello, my friends!

So, here’s a story: After my family and I got back from watching some serious fireworks on the 4th – some of which were so bright they were giving me a headache by the end which was not appreciated – I was in a fantastic mood and not ready to sleep in the least. Loki popped by and said, “hey! Since you’ve sorta dedicated this month to me, why don’t you re-arrange your altar?” So I did. He helped me with it, picked out which stones he liked, and an hour later I had this:

Loki's July Altar

Most of the stuff was already there, or around my room, with the exception of the devotional bracelet that arrived yesterday from Loki’s Little Hippy Witch‘s shop, Of Shadow, Flame, and Thunder. The one I got for Frey would be somewhere on here too, but I’m currently wearing it, and haven’t taken it off since I put it on(except to absentmindedly fiddle with it). So here’s a rundown of The Stuff:

Starting off at the left of the picture, and sticking out like a sore thumb, is my basket of crystals. I don’t really have anywhere else to put them, and it seemed like a good spot! In the center is my selenite ball, which I got the first time Brandon and I went to Estes together. In the upper left corner of the picture is the fake flower I got for Frey as a, “thank you for helping me change this hellish storm so I don’t die going to work in the morning,” present. Next to it is a chunk of gneiss that I picked up at Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nation Park during the geology field trip that changed my life. The statue in front of it is a wolf that I sculpted when I started high school, and haven’t been able to break nor get rid of since. It’s become my totem, as it were, and a focus for many strength-based spells, and a symbol of Fenrir. To the right of that is my derpy, cobbled-together incense holder, which was at one point a zen garden that got filled with a bunch of random rocks so that the ash has somewhere to fall. The current incense of choice is Dragon’s Blood, which both Frey and Loki seem to like, though the latter has been after me to get cinnamon incense since June. The thing holding the incense is a chunk of reddish, lithified ash with small bubbles of blue quartz in it. I don’t remember where the dove feather came from, but that’s what that little thing is. The serpent statue is one that Bran, gave to me since he had no use for it. It’s there to represent Jormundgandr – as though I didn’t have a plethora of dragon figurines cluttering up my room – and makes a nice contrast to the clay wolf. Behind it is a candle holder that Frey and Loki picked out together, inside of which is a candle that was labeled as “waterfall.” To me, it smells like rain, which is why I got it. In front of that is the candle that I saw and had to get because it was labeled, “Nordic Spruce,” which made me laugh in the middle of work. Always a good sign! It and the waterfall candle trade places whenever I’m going to burn one or the other. Underneath that is Loki’s deck of cards. I don’t know why he wanted it, but he did, and that’s where it sits at the moment. Next to that is a chunk of volcanic scoria which Loki has decided is “his rock” and which I’ve had since I was about 10. The other candle is a tea light sitting on top of a red, cinnamon-smelling candle(Loki is now chanting, “cinnamon incense,” as I write this) because I haven’t moved it yet and I like the contrast, which is sitting inside a clay cup that I made in a sculpting class I took one summer. In each of the two corners that can be seen are rune amulets that a friend made for me, one with Raidho and one with Othala, and I haven’t found purpose for them other than that, so that’s where they sit. By the Raidho rune is a chert arrowhead that was once a necklace and now is sorta my altar-symbol for Gungnir, Odin’s spear. Next to that is a piece of rainbow obsidian in which the rings of color are shaped like a heart, which Brandon left here and hasn’t taken back yet. The three offering bowls were made by me out of super sculpey, acrylic paint, and heavy application of clear, protective enamel. The blue and silver one is for Odin, the red and gold one in the middle is Loki’s, and the gold and green one is Frey’s. I’ve got three more in the works for Jordi, Sigyn, and Thor, who have only recently been making Themselves known to me.

So, the center of this whole setup is pretty much dedicated to Loki right at the moment. His bowl is sitting clasped in the embrace of a silver dragon bracelet that is WAY too big for my tiny wrists, and which I don’t remember from whence it came. The sparkly blue glass rock in the bowl is something that I picked up for Sigyn and have had forever, and Loki really, really, likes it for some reason. That whole jumble is sitting on a patch with a celtic triad on it, that Brandon gave to me with the hopes I’d use it for something. In front of that is the Jack of Diamonds from Loki’s deck, which got its hair colored red and its eyes colored green by way of permanent markers the night Loki asked me to do this. He originally wanted the Jack of Hearts, but it looked, in His words, “too grumpy,” to be Him. On top of that is a chunk of “Asgardian Blue” quartz and the aforementioned devotional bracelet. The two runes are from the set that I made when I was first starting along this path, Nauthiz on the left, Kenaz on the right. I made the runes out of a fallen maple branch, and have yet to get or make another set. They’re my babies. Around that whole thing is a circle of various stones. Starting from the 12 o’clock and working clockwise, we have a snowflake obsidian, citrine(or really pale carnelian, idk which), bloodstone, carnelian, two chunks of rough obsidian, another bloodstone, orange agate, labradorite, and nebula stone.

Obviously, I like my rocks. Jordi is the grandmother of my soul, and I’m jotunn-blooded(as well as elf-blooded, of all things), so this should surprise nobody. I know the rocks, I love the rocks, they are awesome. And with that, I must bid you all adieu! I’ll see you again soon, my friends, but until then, have a good one!
-EJ Lowell

2 thoughts on “July for Loki – Window Seat

    1. Rocks and crystals are life! XD The Canyon told me that, “the world is made of so many grains of sand,” so I suppose that’s not entirely false, actually.

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