Newest Project: All’s Well in Asgard

Hello, friends!

It’s July! Loki’s month, and also Camp NaNoWriMo, which I am taking part in for the first time ever. I’m currently 15,000 words into All’s Well in Asgard, which is an idea that’s been blobbing around in my head since Odin suggested something like it to me back in October of last year, while I was still in the dorms. I decided a couple days before the start of July that I needed something to keep my hands busy while I waited for my proof copy of the Revenant paperback to show up – which it did today, I’m excited – and… well I didn’t expect to be a quarter of the way through it before July even started. Heck, I wasn’t planning on starting another book until November! So I’ve got a bit of a head start in Camp, but I’ll probably need it by the time everything’s sussed out. But for camp, I needed a working cover, so that I didn’t just have the synopsis and excerpt sitting there all lonely-like. So in honor of July For Loki, this is the cover:

AWiA Cover

I think He approves. He does feature prominently in the book, and is the first god the main character actually has contact with. The first goddess he sees is Sigyn, so I’m sure you can imagine where that particular scene takes place. My page on the Camp NaNo site is here, under the name OddBard, but since I’m not entirely sure if you can actually view my stuff if you’re not a member, here’s the synopsis and excerpt:


Roger Earlson is generally a normal guy. Yes, he grows his hair out like a viking, has a few anger issues, and works a day job that starts at 4 in the morning, but he’s otherwise average. Until, of course, the Norns decide to slap him with some cruel and unusual punishment, and he suddenly – and for no reason apparent to him – attracts the attention of Odin, Frey, and Loki, chief gods of the three old Nordic pantheons. Is he going mad? Is he becoming a shaman? Is he just drawing conclusions based on the wrong set of data? Or is all this a holdover from a long-past life? Whatever’s going on down here, though, Roger is sure of one thing: all’s well in Asgard.

The concept has been described as “American Gods” meets “Sherlock” in the middle of nowhere, Colorado. In practice it’s more like the red-shirted crewman got beamed into Midgard and the Enterprise left him there. He’s okay, but nobody expects any world-saving from him.


“The old ways are coming back. The old gods are coming back with them. I suspect some old folk are out recruiting new shamans and priests right now, more than they have in years, because nobody could or would answer the call for fear of persecution. If you’re one of them, you should feel honored,” Adam said.

“Adam…” Roger said, “I’m a physicist, not a shaman.”

“And I’m a spirit-worker, not a physicist,” Adam said with a grin, “My grandfather is a medicine man. I know this field better than you, don’t you think?”

Roger sighed, one last time, and looked at his hands. After a moment of deliberating, he shook his head slowly.

“I can’t be. My family is French-Canadian, what the hell would Norse gods want with me?” He asked.

“Your last name is Earlson, Earlson,” Adam said, “That’s about as Nordic as it gets.”

He was silent for a long few minutes, thinking his own thoughts. Adam wondered briefly if he was still breathing before Roger looked up, a plea in his eyes.

“What do I do?” He asked, quietly, “What can I do?”

Adam sat back and smiled, nodding to himself. He pointed at the sandwich.

“First, you eat,” he said, “Otherwise you’ll be of no use to anyone, including yourself. Then, you sleep, then you start researching the Northmen, and what their priests were like. I don’t know anything about them, really, aside from a few names, but you can start there. See if you can find someone who answered their call and has more experience than you. There’s got to be someone.”

Roger nodded, closed his eyes for a moment, and blew out his breath. Adam tapped his shoulder, and when he looked up, pointed to the ceiling.

“One more thing. If in doubt, ask someone upstairs for help. If they’re trying to pull you along a path, the least they can do is lend a hand once in a while, right?”

Roger smiled, and nodded.

“Yeah I guess. I’ll be polite. But…how will I hear them?” he asked back.

Adam just gave him a look, and picked up his sandwich. Roger huffed a laugh.

“Right. They know where to find me,” he muttered.

And that’s that! So, until next time, have a good one, everybody. 😀 Happy July!
-EJ Lowell


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