Figured Out the Owl

Hallo my friends! How you doin’?

So. I’ve seen the Owl a few more times since that first holycrapwtf moment back in April, and I finally, just today, figured out what it means: a disturbance in the Force. Whenever I see him/her/it – maybe there’s more than one, who knows – something always goes wonky. Given that I usually see her on my way to work, things usually go wonky at work. For instance, that first time I saw her, I ended up working shoes, which is something I’d never done before. The second time, more recently, she flew down from a light pole and passed right next to me to perch on a different one, and I ended up accidentally late to work because of a schedule change I hadn’t noticed. The third, she was perched above me and didn’t move as I walked underneath, and I ended up being put on the line, which is something I’d never done before. This morning, I heard her hooting(so, not a barn owl but very similar looking, or maybe there are several. Idk, we get Great Horned Owls around here too, that I’ve seen) and then saw where she was sitting on top of the new hotel that’s being built, and I ended up having a chat with my supervisor because of the accidentally late thing. Nothing terrible happened, but, it was different. On all accounts. Some may have even been blessings in disguise, because now I know how to do shoes, and the line, and I’ve made it a point to always check my schedule. And I know that my supervisor considers me a key member of our little crazy team. 😀 For the moment, anyway. It’s because of my ox-like work ethic. Being a Taurus is great for that. All of that means that Owl is an astonishingly accurate indicator of when things are going to/need to change with me, whether or not it’s a big thing, and whether or not I like it. I’ve even dreamed about her a couple of times, and she’s popped up absolutely everywhere on my various media feeds, which makes me wonder if something life-size is going to have to change soon. At the moment, I’ve got not clue on that score, since the only things I could think of would be moving out and/or quitting my job, neither of which seem probable in the near future, but, hey. The Owls are not what they seem.

In other news, I’ve found another wee messenger, this time usually meaning good, if unexpected, things to come. The Friday after the accidentally late incident – which would have been last Friday, eesh, things are moving quickly – I about ran into a fox on my way to work. I’ve not seen a fox in at least three years, probably more like five. I came around the corner, she saw me, and bolted back into the undershrubbery. I walked right on by. That day, we had the smallest truck I’ve ever been a part of. We were all done before break, had a small party, and went home. And the power went off for a few minutes, which was kinda hilarious if unsettling, but it was a great day! While I was walking home I saw her jumping a rabbit off in the distance. It was adorable, actually.

And that’s been my life for the last month or so. Owls. Random update is random. I’ve also got paperbacks of Revenant in the works, so that’s awesome. 😀 Hope to have those out soon.

With that, I’ll bid you all adieu. See you when I see you, have a good one!


Afterthought: After due consideration, a Barred Owl might be what I’ve been seeing. They look kinda like Barn Owls and sound kinda like Great Horned owls, and their babies make one helluva racket, which I may have been hearing, but I don’t know for sure at the moment. I’ll keep an ear out the next time I’m walking around that early.

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