Winterdream: Tales from Liserna, Book 3

Look at me derping this post out a day late. DX

Chapter 0
12th of Oak, 2015

This final chapter in the Tales from Liserna trilogy follows Eirnin, the black sheep of the Ravenwood family, as he falls out of Liserna and into the Red Desert, the southernmost reaches of Lazarus. It is in this strange new world that he will strive to create a name for himself, find his place in the workings of the Empire, and overcome years of internalized doubt and uncertainty regarding his own identity. Ride through the arid mountains and endless rolling sands of Hargaoah with Eirnin, and the band of strange, terrifying, sometimes hilarious misfits that sweep him into their midst, as they strike out on a path to change the world of Omnia.


Now available for Amazon Kindle.

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