Public Dream Journal?

Here’s a thought: What if I kept a public dream journal somewhere? Like a blog for my subconscious? I don’t know if anyone would read it, or where I would put it besides WordPress, but maybe. I ask because I have the weirdest dreams in the universe sometimes. It might be helpful to keep track of them, since sometimes I dream things that are applicable to the Right Now. Maybe it would be helpful for others too, though I don’t know how.

There are several sites tailored to this kind of thing, but i’m thinking less of a mood-tracker type thing, and more of a “letting you into my mind” type thing.

4 thoughts on “Public Dream Journal?

  1. I think it’s a great idea! Just avoid Tumblr. It might seem like it would be a perfect fit for that kind of thing, but trust me when I say that the website is actually quite toxic, the majority of the users are trolls, and a small minority won’t tell you to kill yourself. When I had a blog there, I once posted something as benign as “When you look closely at the teachings of Jesus and those of Buddha, there’s a lot of similarities in the messages.” – I received no less than 300 anonymous troll messages telling me to kill myself. And those were the NICE ones.
    Wordpress is an option, obviously. Aside from it, I personally prefer Typepad, with Blogger coming in third place.

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    1. I don’t know, I’ve found some pretty nice communities on Tumblr. Mostly I wouldn’t use it because it bored me after a while. Frankly, I didn’t even consider it my 8th choice, just because there are a lot of things I want to be able to do with this hypothetical journal than Tumblr allows. I will go check out Typepad, though! Thank you for the feedback. 😀


      1. Another option might be Weebly, depending on what all you’re wanting to do. Free website, add as many pages as you want. Can post galleries of pictures, and there’s a blog page template that’s easy and straightforward to use. Only downside I’ve seen so far on the free accounts is you’re limited to using a pre-made template, and not all of them are customizable. Free accounts, like with most sites and bloghosts have a extension.


      2. OOoh. That sounds interesting too! I’ll try them both out and see what’s what. 😀 I’m used to pre-made templates at this point. Frankly I’d be a little lost without them because I know about -this- much programming language. ^^;

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