Hermit’s Log: How Esper Ravenwood got his Name

Rather than a written log, I’m starting up audio logs. I’ll explain more in the thing, but, you all get to hear the sound of my nasally, tenor-y, gross voice. (It’s not really that bad, but it sounds that way to me.)

In today’s log I discuss traffic, the weather, my dad, dog choruses, and how Esper Ravenwood got his name. An eventful morning to be sure.


3 thoughts on “Hermit’s Log: How Esper Ravenwood got his Name

  1. Your voice is awesome considering you were walking. I get all huffy and puffy when I try to do that.
    I pictured you sounding kind of like Jennifer Lawrence.
    Now that you’ve noticed, just watch – you’ll start stepping all in them.
    I think it’s really groovy that your audio blog kinda followed your dad’s footsteps in a way. It brings a sense of connectedness when things work out that way.
    I look forward to your next ramble. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. It’s always… I dunno, gratifying? I guess? when people I don’t really know that well tell me I have a half-decent voice. XD I hate how I sound on recording, but i’m starting to get used to it. I keep picking up bits of speech that sound vaguely Canadian in my ears that I don’t notice when I say them.

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      1. I’m trying to get more comfortable with my recorded voice, too. For me, it’s more of a needing to know how my tones come across, and recognize how they sound to others.
        I mainly can’t stand it because I sound so much like my older sister that it’s both creepy and upsetting. That and I have a much stronger Southern American accent than I realized.

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