Heartnet: Tales from Liserna, Book 2

Chapter 0
20th of Ash, 2015

Sive Ravenwood has many talents. Herbalism, divination, and spellcraft, for instance. She’s also a berserker, and when she starts having visions of hurting her younger brother, she realizes she has to do something before her inner beast takes things too far. However, when she steps back into Omnia for the first time in over a year, the last thing she expects would be to run into the mysterious Mairin Heartnet, and she finds herself caught between a Wolf, a Chimera, and a Painter in a a race against a killer’s whims. Can Sive learn the secret of her own strength in time, or will she bring ruin to the people she’s trying to protect? If you enjoy puzzles, werewolves, fishing, magic, and perhaps a hint of romance, traveling with Sive and Mairin will be an adventure indeed.


Now available for Amazon Kindle.

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