Tarot: Evolutionary Tree Spread

Hello again!

So, this is what it looks like outside my bedroom window right at the moment:


Given that, I figured it’s a perfect day to do a random tarot reading. Just because. Why not? So, I’m doing this one that I found on Tumblr:


This is what mine looks like:

Tree Spread


Card 1 – Nine of Cups
My deepest desires ground me, the want for happiness. The idea that one can find enjoyment in the simplest things in life. My dreams and wishes that have already come true, or are just on the horizon. Normally I wouldn’t think that emotions and wishes would be grounding, given that “grounding” is, in my mind anyway, more of an earthy concept, but that’s okay. It’s true. Some of my wishes are very grounding, such as the wish to have a stronger, more able body, and steady finances. This card could also be a reference to the simple act of spiritual grounding, when one goes within and becomes aware of the present, and sinks roots into the soil of the present moment, so to speak.

Card 2 – Queen of Cups
Creativity, spirituality, deep connection to times long since passed and times not yet come, intuition. Blood of the stars, soul of the earth. These are the things that support me. I do have a reasonable intuition – for instance I knew that going to rehearsal today would be a really bad idea, and then it snowed – and I pride myself on being a pretty imaginative person. Creativity, in fact, is such a large part of my life that when I haven drawn or written or composed anything or danced in a while, I get really down and low on energy. I find it interesting that the Queen is dancing, actually, since that is one of my less-well-known passions that I probably suck at, but, hey! It’s fun. Also, lining up the Queen above the Nine suggests that my roots go very deep indeed. The cards seem almost connections of each other.

Card 3 – Eight of Swords
I usually hate drawing Swords, just because they usually end up smacking me in the face with my own over-thinking ways. This one, not so much that. The first thing that struck me about this card is that it seems… isolated. Yes, the swan is stuck, but it’s isolated from the rest of the world by the brambles. This is something that I do often, to “protect” myself. I isolate myself from other people, often to my own detriment, a fact that I haven’t quite seemed to accept yet, despite my best efforts. However, there is one other being in the bramble thicket with the swan – a hummingbird. In the book, the hummingbird tells the swan to calm down, stop being frustrated and flailing at the sharp branches. When the swan calms down, the hummingbird pushes the brambles out of the way. This reminds me of my own Bran telling me to calm down when I get angry or frustrated, and I make myself as bramble-like as possible, using sharp words and prickly voice to get people away from me. But, he’s my hummingbird, and he can see right through all that. He does protect me, and probably does a much better job of it than I do.

Card 4 – Hierophant
Yes. I’ve always striven to be more like Esper, of Odin, or my father, or any of the other guides that really know more than I do about things. I’ve had many Hierophants in my life that I’ve wanted to be more like. I’m reaching for wisdom, and stability, and patience. I’m a bit too young and easily distracted for that at the moment, though, and I’m not sure what I’d do if I ever became a Hierophant-like person. I’m not sure I’d ever be aware of it, in the first place, if I were to be someone’s Hierophant. That said, there is one situation in which I know I am, currently, and that is in the game Journey. I know almost all of the mysteries in that game, and now end up helping less experienced players along the path. It brings me all sorts of joy seeing excited first-timers wandering around, chirping away, as they explore the game. I’m not quite sure how to do that in real life, yet, but, maybe someday I’ll have more of a clue.

Card 5 – King of Swords
I immediately thought again of Bran when I flipped this card up. He’s a master of his own intellect, freakishly observant, clever, strategic, and possessing of a saint’s patience. Especially with me. He challenges my perceptions more often than not, and I love him for it. If he spoke as clearly as he thought, he could be a king. The King of Swords is all about leadership, though, about the warrior king that leads his army into battle, shone the way by the light of truth. I end up being a leader more often than I would care to admit, but since I’ve never really had much command presence, when people do listen to me, it makes me feel important. Like in Journey, where I can lead the way through the mysteries and dangers of that world. I’m not the “ruler” who will command his armies from the throne, I am the leader who will be out in front and fighting with the team. I know when to lead and when to follow – usually. I do still need a bit of works, but, that’s what I have Bran for.

Summary: My roots go deep into the wishes of my soul, that grow into a strong trunk where the veins of creativity flow under bramble-sharp bark, into the branches that reach for the wisdom of the stars, and grow leaves that play in the guiding voice of the wind.

I dunno. Kinda poetic. Hope you found something helpful in this, I will see you all when I see you. 🙂

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