Tarot and Runes Imbolc Spread

Heyo, it’s the Hermit again. I said this earlier today, but, happy Imbolc! 😀 I decided to demonstrate a mixed-media reading today, but first, a reflection on the last one. If you don’t care, skip it, otherwise, read on at your leisure.

I did a Questing Path spread at Yule last year, which I’d asked to lead up to today. I’ve since changed decks. Haha! Anyway. I nailed the interpretation of the last spread. Something has indeed upset the apple cart, and the wheel has indeed turned in my favor. I’m still not quite sure what the Wheel was referring to, unless that was just the new year turning over, but I actually did, correctly, word for freaking word, predict what happened with the Ace of Discs: My books got noticed. It’s not a big noticement, but by somehow, after I published Runesong, I have been consistently selling one or two books a day. Apparently people like them. 😀 Which is why I’m going to continue writing them. The Two of Cups being my destination made me laugh when I saw it, and you’ll see why when I show you the spread I did today. Nailed the Lovers, as usual, and the Devil manifested in a way I half-predicted. I ended up being an absolute devil to my director. And I don’t really care. Thus, the card. The Challengers were half-correct, and actually ended up being connected. The Magician was absolutely spot-on, however, I failed to realize that the Page of Swords, standing for innocence, also had something to do with him. What happened was, sometime in the last few weeks or so, something happened – I still have no idea what – that made me remember something that he, the Magician, took from me about four years ago. The thing he stole happens to be the meaning of the card, taken in a different light. And I have been all of the angry at him since. ALL of the angry. I ended up having to ask for help with my emotions – this is where we get into the Nine of Cups, which was one of the jumpers that I mostly read correctly – from my “King,” aka, my boyfriend, Bran. I ended up having a much deeper understanding of how I felt about the Magician, and about myself, and where I am going with my life. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster the past few weeks, since said Magician also happens to be the director of a production in which I play a main role. Sooo… control of my emotions? Yeah. Learned the hard way.

Tl:dr: I basically nailed it.

Now, for today’s reading, I decided not to do the Questing Path. I’ll save that for Ostara, or Beltane. Instead I’m doing an Imbolc-specific spread that I found on Tumblr the other day, which had the url of “kikiscauldron.com” on the bottom, so I am going to assume that’s where it came from. I tossed in the runes as well, mostly because it occurred to me that I hadn’t yet put up any rune readings on here, and that I was going to need some help figuring out exactly what the cards were saying for these questions. Also, given that “’tis the season,” as it were, I decided to ask Brighid for a little guidance. I don’t really talk to the Celts much, but when I do, She’s usually the one who answers. With that said, this is what happened:

Imbolc spreadApologies for the light. My camera doesn’t like hermit-type rooms.

For clarification, that one card and rune right at the top is actually a jumper, so when I start counting cards, Card 1 is the first one on the first row of three, card 2 is the one next to it, Card 3 is the top right, 4 is bottom left, 5 is bottom center, and 6 is bottom right. Makes sense? Good. I probably should have marked them before hand, but, anyway.

1 – What is still frozen in my life: Berkana Merkstave and 4 of Cups reversed
Now how the actual heck does this keep happening? I swear these cards have minds of their own. Or it was Brighid. Either way, the combination indicates that my focus is currently frozen outward, I’m looking at the things that other people are doing, rather than what I am doing to myself. Because of that outward focus, there is a potential for healing that isn’t happening right now. In order to unfreeze myself, I need to do some introspection – wouldn’t you think that’d be one of my strengths, as a hermit? – and really figure out what it is that I want. Which is something I’ve started doing already, so that’s good. The thawing process has begun!

2 – What will keep me warm and comfortable: Thurisaz Merkstave and 6 of Swords
Echoing the first set, I need to retreat a little, take time to myself, find my squishy inner center, rather than being prickly toward everyone and everything. I need to get away from sources of criticism right now and focus on my recharging my own batteries. This is also probably going to be a reminder in the future that when things get overwhelming, this is what I need to do. That actually just came to me as I was typing, but I didn’t see it before. Good to know.

3 – What clutter needs to be cleared away: Algiz Merkstave and Page of Wands
I find it funny that an upside-down Algiz looks a bit like a broom. Appropriate. This combination seems to suggest that my comfort zone needs readjustment, and perhaps that I need to dust off my own voice. This is the part where Brighid stepped into the reading and I ended up writing down this: “Let go of the fear of speaking your mind and get your song out there in the world.” Or, shut up and start speaking. This could be me not being afraid to tell the truth about things as well, or being able to say no to people. I have a tendency to be a people-pleaser, mostly because I have a fear of people being angry with me, which needs to be sorted out desperately. Maybe I’ll work on that bit first.

4 – First signs of growth I’ll see this spring: Tiewaz and the Empress reversed
OMFG. HOW. Seriously, I shuffle all of my cards carefully, make sure they’re all upright, and then THIS happens. Which means it’s important, and, frankly, I saw Brighid’s hand all over this one. She seemed to be giving me permission, actually. This is what She wrote: “A willingness to sacrifice comfort and companionship in order to do what is right, even if that sacrifice is painful. It is staunch clarity over whimsical dreaming, right action over fumbling around blind. Embracing the masculine fully, becoming the warrior-shaman. Letting go of unrealistic expectations in favor of direct, achievable goals.” There is one person in specific, maybe an entire group, that I need to be rid of badly, and I suspect part of this message is actually to focus more on my body than I have before. The permission bit is in the, “embrace the masculine fully,” line. I know exactly what that means, and it is actually quite a personal matter, so I’ll spare the details. So, the beginning of this process will probably lead up to Ostara, where either the growing will be in full swing, or complete.

5 – A project to begin immediately: Uruz and 10 of Wands
Stability and burden. I’ve been thinking about money and jobs a lot lately, so this made sending out resumes pop into my mind almost instantly. That, and buckling down to learn how to drive. I’m almost 20 and still walk everywhere. For good reason, too, actually. Most places are in walking distance and it keeps me fit. But! I digress. This hearkened back to the last one, too, and made me think of building up the stronger body that I really desperately want. Making a home for myself also came to mind, since moving out has been in my potential planning since Yule, at least. All of these things may seem burdensome to me, but ultimately will lead to greater stability in my life. 10 of Swords upright means that I have the strength to do so, as well. Not sure which one of these was the, “begin immediately,” one. Maybe all of them end up happening roughly around the same time. I’m already working on my body though so… hm?

6 – A message of inspiration for me: Mannaz Merkstave and the Strength
Brighid basically took hold of my pen for this one, and smacked me upside the head with a cosmic clue-by-four, so I’ll just let Her explain: “Don’t expect the cooperation of others. There is strength in doing things for yourself, rather than for Them, and in that strength, in that gentle core, is light that will burn through even the thickest darkness. As the sun of Imbolc begins to melt the snow, the light from within will begin to melt away any obstacles in your path. Be strong enough to follow, even though the way may seem dark.” To which I say… wow. I’m going to write that down on special paper and put it up on the inside of my door. Because… yeah.

Jumper! – 2 of Cups and Dagaz
Now you see why I was giggling earlier. It seems I have indeed reached the next leg of my journey. And I was right in thinking that I didn’t know what it was until it smacked me in the face, especially since I changed decks since then. Which is super important, because now the message is crystal freaking clear. Dagaz was actually drawn after the card jumped out and I’d read everything else, and right after I flipped it up, Brighid grabbed my pen again. This was what She wrote: “Do not let go of Bran(which was underlined about three times). Even though it may seem like your paths are diverging, stay with him. He cares about you deeply, and balances you better than anyone else who has ever been sent your way. Have no fear. He fills your cauldron, and lights your fire. Do not lose him.” … yes Ma’am! o_o;

With that, I am going to go thank Brighid properly for Her help, and drink some tea to help melt the bits that need melting. If you have any questions, comments, etc. feel free to drop me a line. I know this was a bit weirder of a post than usual for me. So, with that, I will bid you all adieu! Have a wonderful season, and stay warm. 😀 Some of us aren’t out of the snowy season yet.


3 thoughts on “Tarot and Runes Imbolc Spread

  1. Super interesting read! You’ve introduced me to runes too, I am all over google now trying to understand them and I’m so intrigued. Do you use them like you use your cards?

    Have a great day too! *.* Love&Light *.*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Always happy to be a source of inspiration. 😀 Sometimes I use my runes like my cards, mostly if I’m using them in conjunction. I have a few spreads for them, but sometimes I do the classic, “toss a bunch of them out of the bag and see what happens,” thing. I tend to like structure a bit more though. XD

      Liked by 1 person

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