30-Day Tarot Challenge: Day 23

Happy Imbolc for those who celebrate! 😀 I’m currently on a mission to complete Calamity’s 30-Day Tarot Challenge.  Warning: I end up discussing past lives in this post so if you’re someone who usually stays far away from this kind of thing, back away at the huge paragraph. Or stay, if you want. Just don’t bother me with comments like, “you’re full of bull,” or “I don’t believe in this stuff.” It’s fine if you’re like that, I’m not. So, seriously… just… nehhh. I apologize for my ineloquence but you get the drift. Anyway!

Day 23 – What question do you most often ask the deck (or, ask on behalf of another)?

The question ask my deck the most is, “what exactly should these characters be doing to advance the plot?” or “why am I stuck?” I use the cards most often to figure out stories, as I’ve said before, so, really, this doesn’t surprise me.

The question other people ask me to ask my deck for them is, without a doubt, and much to my chagrin, “what will become of my love life,” or some variation thereof. I don’t really know why this irks me so much. Maybe because it lacks some level of originality, or because the person who constantly asks me this is such a walnut of a person in the first place, but, I really get annoyed answering this. The second most popular question I get is, “who was I in a past life?” which I’m a little more open to answering. What it seems people – or at least my peers – seem to not get about that question is that it’s not uncommon for people to have had a dozen or so really vivid past lives, so I end up asking back, “which one?” more often than not. I’ve had some pretty weird moments answering that question as well. Once, for my sister, I ended up like… seeing into her head? I guess? As she was remembering an experience she had in one of the world wars in a past life. That was an interesting moment. o_o; Probably makes me sound crazy, but there it was. Now you know why I wrote a trilogy about a Revenant, anyway.

Okay, with that weirdness out of the way, I’m going to get back to my “spring” cleaning. Have a wonderful day, I will see you tomorrow.

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