30-Day Tarot Challenge: Day 21

I’m currently on a mission to complete Calamity’s 30-Day Tarot Challenge. It’s been a rough day for me, so, hopefully this cheers me up, some. 🙂

Day 21 – How do you feel when you do readings?

Depends on the reading. I tend to be slightly detached from emotion, just for the sake of having less gunk in the mental/spiritual radio receiver, so to speak. Generally whatever feelings I have during a reading are ones the cards give me – for instance, drawing the Ten of Swords always makes me feel a bit paranoid – or are the reason I’m doing the reading. So, if I’m feeling stuck or depressed or confused, or even angry, and I do a reading, it’s usually to figure out why I’m feeling what I’m feeling and how to work my way out of it. Sometimes I’ll end up feeling a smidge annoyed, if a person asks me for the umpteenth relationship reading in a row and the cards end up telling them the exact same thing they did last time.

Sorry this one was a bit short. I’m going to start writing my sixth (sixth!!! *silently screaming*) book tomorrow and I’m almost done working out all the kinks in the plot. I’m going to get back to that now, so, I bid you adieu! Have a good one, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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